Contemplating Getting A Netbook

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Those of you who know me know that I travel a great deal. In this year, it has been D. C., Orlando, Indianapolis, Myrtle Beach, a cross country trip to San Diego, Watkins Glen, and the year is not over. I am lost without my computer and hubby does not share his well. I have been looking at netbooks. They may well be the solution to my problem when I am out of the house. When I signed up for Fios, I was promised one. When the paperwork is processed, I will be looking into what I can best use and purchase accordingly. Of course, price is always a factor.

I’m still trying to decide what would be the best fit for me. I’m considering size and features, as well as price. I’d love to hear your experience with netbook vs full size, as well as any thoughts you might have from personal experience.

7 thoughts on “Contemplating Getting A Netbook

  1. Courtney,

    I looked at them in a local electronics store.  I decided that notebooks did not have everything I needed.  Specifically, a full-sized keyboard for my sausage fingers, word processing capability, internet accessability, wireless.  I decided I’d lilke the webcam too.  Then I went to HP and looked at its stock and prices.  Then hubby built one for me that will be delivered next week hopefully.  I will use it in traveling.  I like my desktop Apple even though it is old.  Less virus threat hubby tells me.  And so user friendly.


  2. Honestly I “don’t” have a laptop.. I do but it needs to be plugged in all the time so I can recommend but it is portable. As long as I bring the charge. It’s a built laptop -no name. I think bigger is better if you aren’t worried about the extra weight but if not a mini notebook is good as well. I’m looking into getting a Notebook from HP

  3. I’ve been considering one too, I’m interested in seeing the other comments! My notebook was purchased when I was still working and I wanted a big one to use everyday. Now that I’m a stay-at-home mom, I would like a smaller one for carrying out and about.

  4. I have a Dell Mini Inspiron Laptop
    9 inch screen.

    Pros- it is lightweight and has a built in webcam and you can also
    hookup a mouse to it and more.`

    Cons- You cannot play a DVD in it.
    I wish you could.

    I didn’t purchase this as it was a gift to me.
    I still like it but get one with a DVD player capability.

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