Conquer the Fat-Loss Code Book Review And Giveway

conquer the fat loss code cover

Conquer the Fat-Loss Code (Includes: Complete Success Planner, All-New Delicious Recipes, and the Secret to Exercising Less for Better Results!)
Paperback, 304 pages
Publisher: McGraw-Hill; 1 edition (April 20, 2009)
ISBN-10: 0071630074
ISBN-13: 978-0071630078

Wendy Chant uses her expertise as a personal trainer and founder of Forever Fit in writing Conquer the Fat-Loss Code. She believes that weight is 20% genetics and 80% personal choices.

She develops her program, which she describes as flexible and requires exercise, both aerobic and anerobic, normal food, and nutrients, to reprogram the metabolism to lose weight. As she guides her readers through using the glycogen energy stored in the liver muscle, keeping balanced blood sugar levels, and manipulating plateaus, she strives for people to develop long term goals and personal planning. My immediate reaction is that managing to do this will requires careful planning and lifestyle changes. This is a complex issue.

Ms. Chant builds dieting around medically sound principles like eating frequently four to five times a day, having nothing to eat at least two hours before bedtime, and drinking plenty of water. She warns that alcohol, sweets, and even high protein bars can sabotage. She advocates alternatives like pretzels, dairy, fresh fruit, unsweetened cereal, juice, diet tea, and vitamin water instead.

The eight week program she outlines requires dieters to log results to spot patterns. Foods high in protein, specifically turkey, chicken, fish, and eggs, are the main staples. She recommends meals built from protein shakes, fibrous carbohydrates, oatmeal, and green tea. She suggests minimizing sugary carbohydrate consumption, using spices as well as fats, and avoiding artificial sweeteners.

When I tried to decide if the regime Ms. Chant outlined would work for me, I found her writing complicated and low on specifics. I got confused with the log charting–too much information, too little space. While it was very technical, it was without immediate references to medical studies and findings in the text. Although Atkins, South Beach, and Body for Life are still being read, citing a 1999 study on glucogen did not seem timely enough. A 2007 with other older ones on forty-eight hour conserve as well as a 2003 study on dieting plateaus just does not take into account enough current scientific research available in today’s world of periodicals.

When I closed the book, I thought about the nuggets of truth it offered. Certainly protein is needed for muscle. Medications can interact with attempts to lose weight. Dieters better serve themselves with a forgive rather than give up philosophy.

With my almost no culinary skills, I appreciate the recipe section. I really want to try “Fake French Toast”. Since I am on protein supplements, I have already begun “Chocolate Raspberry”, “Orange Dream”, “Mocha”, “Chocolate Banana”, and “Fruit Smoothie”. The “Butternut Squash Soup” sounds inexpensive, easy-to-prepare, and tasty. About sides, I really am curious about “Broccoli Italiano”, “Zucchini Frittata”, and “Grilled Vegetables”. I enjoy most fish prepared right. I am giving “Moist Broiled Salmon” a try. Years ago I had a recipe for “Chicken Cacciatore” reminiscent of the one in the book. ? It’s a sure thing I will attempt to make it.

I think I would have gotten more out of this self-help book if I had read Wendy Chant’s first book, Crack the Fat-Loss Code, first. Her second book, Conquer the Fat-Loss Code, can be found in paperback at most bookstores and lists at $16.95.


One winners will receive a copy of the book Conquer The Fat-Loss Code.


To enter leave me a comment telling me what the craziest diet you’ve ever tried is.


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28 thoughts on “Conquer the Fat-Loss Code Book Review And Giveway

  1. Dear Jjean,

         I find frequent small meals with protein shakes is working for me right now.  Hope it continues.


  2. Dear Dianad,

          Lts of scientific research on grapefruit and diets and cancer and rx interactions.


  3. I would have to say the craziest diet was one called the grapefruit diet. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

  4. I tried the “limit yourself to only a late breakfast and a light, late lunch” diet–good old-fashioned self denial and starvation. I would not recommend it. I have read Wendy Chant’s first book and would really love to win this! Thanks!

  5. Whityney,

          Starches are a big problem for every person–the simpple ones coomplicate medical issues like diabetes.  I love my starches too.


  6. Dear Renee,

         A lot of my comments re abouot cabage soup, a diet somehow I missed.. Lucky me.


  7. I tried the cabbage soup diet–all cabbage soup, all the time for DAYS made me want to hurt someone.

  8. Dear Lisa,

          I know that veggies and salads help with the bulk, water just everything, and protein–I never used to believe but do now–really helps.  I love the simple carbs–to be avoided.  You can do anything and everything you decide YOU want.  Good luck.


  9. starving myself was the worst. It worked when I was a kid but now I can’t handle it.

  10. Carlene, 

          We all need to find the right foods and not eat to excess.


  11. Oh gosh I tried Metabolife many many years ago. Can’t believe I ever did that. It’s now been 5 years since I started my healthy lifestyle and plain old healthy eating, drinking water and exercise is all you need. Wish I could grasp that back then ha ha

    Sounds like an interesting book!

  12. Dear Carlene,

           Cabbage is gassy to me,  I avoid it except raw as cole slaw or pickled as sauerkraut.


  13. My craziest diet was a cabbage soup diet. I will never be able to eat cabbage soup again. I was on it for about 4 days and that was it. Lost a few punds but I would not call it a success. Please include me in your giveaway.

  14. Dear Maria,

          Checked out your site–loveU2 and love to hate the Evil Queen.


  15. Dear Rajee,

        I have been dieting for a while and the protein shakes really help.  I belileve it is all about calorie intake, exercise, and water.  I know hunger.  Some medical conditions contribute to it along with poor lifestyle choices.  My diabetes complicates everything. 


  16. To me, it’s very hard to get pencil figure. I only had silly idea to control diet by eating more salad with fat free dressing. I checked the clock often as my tummy is not fully enough and I was so hungry. I ate more fat food. Looks like I’m silly. LOl.

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