Common Sense

nurse cap

Always forgetful, I was wandering down the supermarket aisles again ticking off what I had put in the cart and what I still needed to find.

“Ice cream, whipped cream, banana cream, cookies and cream, peaches and cream, cold cream, best eye cream….” My thoughts trailed off as I neared the checkout only to be interrupted by the ringing of my cell phone.

“Mom, the school just called and the nurse says someone must pick him up now. CJ is sick. Will you pick him up?”

I left everything at Courtesy and rushed out of the store to get my grandson. He was again the victim (or perpetrator perhaps) of that phantom illness, the one that disappears as soon as he is out of class. When I got there, he was happy to see me. Wouldn’t any normal child be knowing he was going home to play and watch television? I watched him until his mother got in from work. Miraculously, he was completely well–no fever, no vomiting, no–in short NO symptoms. This situation happens a couple of times every month.

Hmm, I wonder when the nurse will figure it all out.

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