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Maybe it was the old lady who lived next door and promised to read my fortune in the tea leaves. Maybe it was the tea parties at Aunt Betty’s house. Anyway, I am hooked on tea. I drink it as the English do without milk or creamer. I take it with a sweetener but have substituted the real sugar or honey with an artificial sweetener. I prefer it served with a slice of lemon.

My May surgery left me weighing less and avoiding many of my old favorites. Caffeine products, an appetite stimulant, are now a big no no. I miss my Classic Coca-Cola and real fruit juices. Oh, well! Being healthier is well worth it. Water is definitely good, but variety is the spice of life.

What to do? I tried various brands of decaf tea on the market. I don’t like their taste. I can’t any on store shelves that are flavored. Then someone told me to contact Coffee Bean Direct. I almost didn’t though figuring it sold only coffee. Well, it doesn’t and ?I ever glad I did! Almost overnight (OK, I am exaggerating but only a trifle), I had two bags of its CO2 Decaf Flavored Tea delivered to my door.

I got out two teapots and started the tea kettle immediately. I took out two individual bags and filled one with apricot and the other with passionfruit leaves. Both teas smelled fresh and fruity. They would prove the makings for some great tea tasting.

I couldn’t wait to try the brews. I almost burned my mouth as I sipped the passionfruit. Musky, sweet/tart, yummy…. Later I would have the rest over ice–best thing was no nasty post decaf processing taste. By my second cup of tea, apricot, lucky for me the water had cooled a little. Authentic peachy/plum with a tang, mmm good…. Later again I would have the rest over ice–no question better than the bottled tea beverages on sale in both taste and price.

Thank you, Coffee Bean Direct. You have sold me. You can find product information and how to order by going to to

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WIN IT! Coffee Bean Direct has generously offered to send the winner of this giveaway a gift basket. The gift basket includes: * Three 5oz Bags of Loose Leaf Tea * Three 1lb Bags of Fresh Ground Coffee * One 12oz Package of Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans * One Package of Chocolate Wafers * One Box of Cookies * One Package of Tea Biscuits * One 1.75oz Jar of Pure Honey * Two Coffee Bean Direct Ceramic Mugs * One Coffee Bean Direct T-Shirt * One Box of T-Sacs * Six Assorted Biscotti

HOW TO ENTER. (MANDATORY) To enter visit the Coffee Bean Direct site and then return here and leave me a comment telling me what coffee or tea you’d most like to try.

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THE SMALL PRINT. US addresses only please. This contest will end on Sunday 07/12/09 at 11:59 pm est.? If you?ve entered any of my giveaways before then you know that only comments containing all of the requested information will be eligible for entry. The winner must contact me to confirm they wish to receive the prize within two days of my email notifying them they?ve won.? Good luck to everyone!


237 thoughts on “Coffee Bean Direct Review And Giveaway

  1. Katie,

    For a long time I thoought Columbian coffee was the best–now I know a lot more.


  2. Kelly,

    I make a pot–drink a cup hot them ice the rest.  Doesnt last long and is so good fresh.


  3. I would like the Raspberry Rooibos Tea. I make this and then keep it in the frig. I like it as iced tea. It never lasts very long.

  4. Andrea,

    I bet I would like it too.   Didn’t think of it that way until you mentioned it.


  5. I would like to try (and this may sound odd!) their sour apple tea. It kind of strikes me as a similar thing to Sour Patch Kids, and Jolly Ranchers, and old kid-candies that I used to love! Hope I win!

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