Cleansing For Weight Loss

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Many of today’s weight loss programs recommend regular colon cleansing. Their experts give testimonials how ridding the body of excess waste material is the solution to tiredness, low energy, flatulence, gas, bloating, impaired digestion, irritability, mood swings, bad breath, foul-smelling stools, constipation, protruding belly, food cravings, skim problems, and more. Reality is that mediocre and fly-by-night treatments can cause as much harm as good. What to do? You can certainly read some colon cleanse reviews. The company and its guarantee are important as is effectiveness, safety, value and customer feedback. Then talk to a physician before you do anything.

2 thoughts on “Cleansing For Weight Loss

  1. The most effective way for Losing Weight is exercise. You just do some cardio workout everyday like jogging and running for miles. That would effectively burn the fats in your body.

  2. I have read a lot about this while trying to dodge some health care “bullets” of my own. I do believe your digestive health is really important but people should be careful of just taking these cleanses without a doctor advising. I have had friends who got VERY sick and shaky, and dizzy while doing these. I am sure they work for some…but for others it might make matters worse. I tried it and the pill forms did not work for me. BUT natural cleanses with certain foods, oils, etc seemed to be helpful. Just my opinion.
    So good that you are being open about a subject a lot of people dont talk about and just want to deal with on their own without doctors advice. Doctors should be there to help you get to the “bottom” of things, right? (sorry, couldn’t help myself on that one! 🙂
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