Childhood Cooking Memories

girl gourmet cupcake maker

Growing up, I watched my mother bake pies mostly. Cake, cookies, and cupcakes were bakery or store bought. So when I moved into my own apartment, the first thing I purchased for myself was a cookbook. Some of my early endeavors were a disaster, but I learned. I remember the cake I made from scratch. One ingredient was baking powder. Foolish me thought it was the same as baking soda. Even the poor dog refused to eat it.

I tried to promote cooking with Bunny, my firstborn. Early in life she had her own little oven and cake mixes. Forty years later bigger and better models are being sold year after year. I suppose kids want to cook. I hope their finished items are better than my firsts. I notice too that all the ovens make is desserts, and that concerns me with so many people in America especially children becoming obese. However, good parenting can teach nutrition to kids. It just takes a little work, supervision, talk time, good example, and follow through.

I was roaming the local store’s toy aisles recently looking for the perfect present for #1 granddaughter, a tween. One possibility is the Girl Gourmet Cupcake Maker. When I went on line to research it, I found the Girl Gourmet line also includes an ice cream sandwich maker, a candy ring maker, and a cake bakery.

Princess has a couple of dogs. Sure bet they like her baked goods more than my dog liked my cake. Laugh, live, and learn is what it is all about.

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2 thoughts on “Childhood Cooking Memories

  1. I just love the Wilton designs.  From Disney to NASCAR to bridal and more, they are so attractive.  A friend of mine makes specialty cakes–quite expensive, time connsuming, and lots of work to make one from scratch then decorate perfectly.  I disagree aboout passing down the secrets.  I think it is having the memories to share.  No one is ever gone completely as long as we remember.  Sometimes we expect too much of ourselves or judge ourselves by a higher standard.  I bet you excell at anything you set your mind to.  Odd think how my daughter and I have interests and people in common.  She really is the best.  I promise to write again at length after this holiday stuff settles away.  God bless.  Merry Christmas to you and yours.


  2. THat’s too funny. My mom never taught us how to use recipes…always a pinch and a smidgen and a handful…and it’s funny because I now find myself saying the same things! My 10 year old was asking about that Cupcake Maker set for Christmas, but I told her she already has all the supplies she needs. Cupcakes are her specialty and she has become VERY good at frosting and even attempting decorating. I am planning on getting her one of the Wilton decorating books to add to her RAchel Ray collection she has started.
    Cooking and baking is an art…practically an institution in our family. Passing down the secrets is key to creating a legacy of love. My mom makes the BEST pies ever and I can never duplicate them. I guess she just adds more love!

    THanks for sharing this and I am hoping to get time to read your other posts after the new year. I just joined your blog feed and found out this AM I came upon your Daughters blog. So fun you both have this in common!

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