Cheerios Circle Of Helping Hearts winners

To select the winners of this giveaway I put the number of entries into the Random Sequence Generator on I matched the numbers that came out on top to the comments bearing the same numbers and made sure the comments were eligible. A screenshot is attached.

cheerios circle of hearts winners

The winners of the Cheerios Circle Of Helping Hearts giveaway are #12 Janelle, #2 Teresa Jane and #70 Janet!
Janelle’s comment was “Added you to my favorites on technorati: JanelleKC” Teresa Jane’s comment was “My cholesterol is actually good. The last time it was check it was about 167. I was amazed. But I try to keep a healthy diet of vegetables (fresh when possible) and I eat fish often, instead of red meats. I also am a religious wheat checks eater, to get my fiber. Also, I use soy milk instead of cow milk for my cereal. I don?t drink it very often, but do occasionally get a craving. That is everything I can think of right now. Hope this helps someone reading this comment. Thanks for doing the giveaway. This is great!”
Janet’s comment was “I added your button to my sidebar, but there isn?t a logo showing?..sorry! Let me know if I can fix it – would love to have you. Thanks for writing a great blog!”

Congratulations! Please contact me within 48 hours to confirm that you wish to accept this prize, and please include your mailing address in your reply.

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