Celebrate Chocolate Truffles

celebrate truffles

My daughter just gave me a box of Celebrate Chocolate Truffles. It contained three premium chocolate truffles. My assortment included mountain raspberry- my favorite, roasted almond bits- very good, and cherry vanilla- yummy. Celebrate also makes a Classic box with dark chocolate, light chocolate, and chocolate almond candies. I enjoyed every piece to the fullest. Each one tasted like candy, rich and sweet, not bitter or or cloying.

Now Celebrate promises it will, “Control your appetite. Eat less.” I tried it and it seemed to work. Directions say to “savor” a piece or two twenty minutes before each meal. I know better since my nutritionist has me on six small meals throughout each day. I adapted the direction to having the candy when things got tough so I could keep resisting. It worked.

In case you are curious about its nutritional value, Celebrate Chocolate Truffles’ ?59 ingredients are 100% all natural and 73 percent cocoa. What’s more, one three piece serving box has 160 calories, 15 grams carbohydrates, and two grams protein. Go to www.CelebrateLifeNutrition.com for more information. The truffles can be ordered on line and retail at $5.99 per box.

4 thoughts on “Celebrate Chocolate Truffles

  1. Renee,

         Those last two are not options in my way of thinking.  Almost 40 years ago I weng to a fat doctor who prescribed pills and pills ancd pills.  One day a work I was late taking them and felt jittery, out of contol.  That was the last day I took them.  And as far as being hungry, it doesn’t work.  I was told too many times over the years to eat smaller amounts more frequently and drink lots of liquids, especially water.  I have been doin hat since the stat of the year.  It really has helped me.  


  2. I entered to win some of these at your daughter’s site. I sure hope I win because I want to test this appetite suppressor for myself! Sure sounds better than going hungry or popping some pill to control hunger.

  3. Leslie,

          Nothing is better than Godiva except perhaps Norman Love or Kari and John (I think).


  4. YUM YUM YUM Pat! I am a chocoholic! We talked about this! I am so there! I am gonna look for these and OMLord!! I cannot wait to find these! I bet they are even better than “Go-Diva’s” hahaha

    Have a Blessed Day Dear Friend!!!
    Hope you are feeling Wonderful!

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