Casio EXLIM EX-Z29 Digital Camera Review

casio exilim exz29 camera

Over the years, I have taken many, many pictures on many, many different cameras. I still own Hasselblad, Polaroid, Pentax, Minolta, Nikon, and Kodaks that I don’t use anymore. There are eight wardrobe boxes filled with prints under my bed. That is just some of the volume of photos I took before going electronic five years ago. I don’t miss rolls, disks, or cassettes. Digital saves me time and money because I have no more film to buy.

I am of the philosophy: Shoot anything and everything then edit. Out of every hundred, one great one will come out. The fact is I wear out cameras. In the first six months of 2009 alone, I snapped 2,100 pictures. With this said, I’ll be needing another camera soon; therefore, I have been checking the market. I also want something lightweight, compact, and easy to shoot for my pocketbook instead of my camera bag.

I like the touchy-feely approach as I research before I buy. Time for a trip to Walmart? for some comparative shopping AND competitive pricing. Once in the store, I look only at comparable models for every manufacturer display. All are about the same size, shape, and weight. All list comparable features.

  • Olympus FE-3010 $149
  • Polaroid T124 Digcam $139
  • Canon A1000S $129
  • Fugi Finepix J20Fd $129
  • Kodak Easy Share M1033 $129
  • Nikon Coolpix L20 $129
  • Sony Cyber-shot DSC-5950 $129
  • Samsung SL102 $122
  • Casio Exilim EX-Z29 $119
  • Sanyo VPC-E1090G $119

The Casio I recently reviewed is the best buy. Why? #1 – camera features. #2 – price. #3 – one year warranty. #4 – rechargable batteries that take a full charge in 90 minutes.

Casio recently loaned me an Exilim EX-Z29 for a month. I definitely do not want to give it back. In the weeks I used it, I took 809 pictures. It is delightfully compact and light-weight and fits into my pocket. I take it with me everywhere and I do mean everywhere.

It is relatively easy to get a good picture as long as things can be set up, shot, then reshot. But that isn’t the case for most of mine. They are portraits and candids, posed and moving, real life and stills. Adverse conditions bet on it. I take my photo opportunities whenever and wherever they appear. I shoot through glass on superhighways, while speeding in a car along freeways, while riding on a moving boat across Mission Bay, standing on a fire escape aiming at smog-covered mountains far away. I know I can’t control weather so I sometimes have to shoot directly into the sun, in low to no light, and even in rain unlike the song “It Never Rains in Southern California”. I don’t expect wild animals, parades, or fireworks to wait for me. ?With Casio, I get great photos no matter what condition.

Understand this well. My family considers me technologically impaired. With the EX-Z29, I constantly don’t have to set and reset dials. I love the built-in flash; it goes off without my remembering to put it on. It even flash fills. Its zoom in/out feature makes every subject as big or small as I desire. The automatic face detection and Best Shot Mode really help in getting better shots.

The Casio Exilim EX-Z29 with its 10.1 mega pixels is an optical dream. Once everything is programmed, simply push one button to shoot. I included some data on the product that makes it stand apart and above other similar digitals.

  • autofocus–just point and shoot
  • with rechargeable lithium battery
  • sized 3.64″ (W) x 2.16″ (H) x .91″ (D)
  • 2.7 inch wide LCD display
  • 17.8 mb built-in memory
  • takes SD or SDHC memory card
  • 2.5 inch square pixel ccd
  • 10.35 total pixels
  • F2.8 (W), F5.2 (T), F6.2-18.6 mm
  • 3X optical zoom
  • 4X digital zoom
  • movies 848 x 480 STD, 640 x 480 STD, and 320 x240 LP STD

Together with my Apple computer and Lexmark printer, I even crop, color correct, and add special effects. It truly is easy to print my own pictures at home. Score 10 for Casio Cameras. I wish I had the opportunity to test its video capabilities more, like the built in YouTube capture mode that allows instant upload of videos. Still, if I could only make one wish, I would like Apple software available on disk. (The digital software in the package runs on Windows only.)

All the pictures for my recent blog posts-specifically, WW Search and Find, Embassy Suites Flagstaff Arizona, Embassy Suites Anaheim South, Calirofnia, Bake Me A Wish Operation Birthday Cake Review and Giveaway and 2009 Cross Country Journey were taken using it. Please feel free to check them out. It’s some of the best photography I have done.

More pictures will be featured in upcoming blogs like WW Quote the Raven Nevermore; WW Werewolf of London Not; WW Pelican Point; Solo, My Helping Hand; Cambia Suites, A Review; How to Make Mickey Mouse Apples; Photo Tour of the Cross in Groom Texas; Route 66; and California Dreaming. The pictures speak for themselves.

The Casio Exilim EX-Z29 is avilable in black, silver, blue, pink and rose. It has a retail price of $129 and can be purchased online and in nationwide retail stores.

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