Capitol City, Washington DC

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No city is as rich in history as our national capital Washington, D. C. Its Old World architecture dominates building size and style. Its setting on the Potomac makes it an ideal spot for a casual stroll. Visitors can easily find something to fit every taste. Each year my husband goes there and I luckily travel there with him. While he is out on business, I see the sights and shop a little. Then in the time left, we tour the museums, monuments, and memorials together.

George Washington helped plan this town and the shadow of the oblesque named for him falls center stage. The reflecting pool predominates. Those who walk the grid designed streets lined with enormous marble and granite buildings follow the path of our country’s government and leaders of state. The White House, the Capital Building, the Pentagon show grace, beauty, and design evolving in our nation’s capitol (earlier ones were New York and Philadelphia).. The Smithsonian shows life with its changes over time.

The monuments to Thomas Jefferson, framer Declaration of Independence; Abraham Lincoln, preserver of the Union; and FDR the four time elected democratically president who led America out of the Great Depression and through a world war, show greatness carved bigger than life. Our leaders truly were great men who rose to great demands.

The names etched in the Vietnam Wall, the statues of foot soldiers on patrol in Korea, the columns representing each state in the WWII Monument, all remind those who come the price our Armed Forces paid for our country’s freedom. Arlington National Cemetery and its Tomb of the Unknown silently tell visitors how great a price those who never came home paid. A stop at Ford’s Theater shows how real life played out in history. The scars on the Pentagon remind that the terrorist war the U. S. fights in, reached our homeland.

The young as well as the young at heart clamor for the pandas at the National Zoo. It’s pandemonium! They marvel at exotic sea life at the National Aquarium. Who doesn’t enjoy D. C.’s cherry blossoms, a gift of friendship? The National Cathedral reminds us that God has played a big part in leadership.

Go see Washington for yourself.

7 thoughts on “Capitol City, Washington DC

  1. Hi Pat.

    My daughter is only three, but this is a great idea for a vacation next year, to put in our planning box. Cherry blossom time would be an extra special memory-maker.

    I’m so glad to have found your blog!


    1. Dear Janet,
      A full day at the zoo is a must. She might also like a ride on the subway. The Metro is clean, safe, and convenient during the day. ,I don’t go out at night unless I am in a group so I can’t recommend then or not.

  2. Dear Jackie,

          After many years and many visits to Arlington and the Tomb of the Unknowns, I got a chance to tour the guards’ quarters.  It was very informative.  The job is much harder than it looks.


  3. Dear Leslie,

          Hubby somehow got acommnet directed to you on Leslielovesveggies.  Sorry.

          I recently boought a disc of picture popstcards of the city.  There is so much that I forgot just how much.  There is a lot to learn there.  


  4. I am sad to say that although I live in New Jersey, I have never been to Washington DC (We did visit Arlington National Cemetery when passing through…something everyone should see). I do hope to visit one day soon.

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