BOOK REVIEW – Paris Insights, An Anthology by Tom Reeves

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Paris Insights: An Anthology

By Tom Reeves

  • Travelers? edition (Trade soft cover; B&W photos) 154 pages
  • ISBN 978-09815292-4-0
  • List $16.95
  • Available at

American Tom Reeves has lived in Paris, the City of Lights, for seventeen years and he has written a book for prospective travelers about the wonders of it. The black and white photos he includes in Paris Insights, An Anthology give us a feel of he European metropolis.

The author highlights Quintessential Paris on La Roue de Paris along the Champs-Elysees, Paris Plage’s 1.8 miles of beach, renaissance and reclamation along the Bievre River, the La Grande Mosquee and more in the first chapter. The next four chapters are just as information packed.

Every French tourist, native and foreign, should spin his itinerary only after reading Paris Insights.

Here’s some more information on the book.

Discovering the Best of Paris ? An Insider Offers Special Insights to Enjoying the Beauty and Delights of the City of Light

If you wanted to visit Paris, France, wouldn?t it be wonderful if you were able to call upon a really knowledgeable friend who had spent loads of time there, and ask for advice on where to go and what to do?

American-born Tom Reeves has spent the past 17 years living in the City of Light, operating a travel service with his wife that offers specialized tours, guidance, and insights into the most enjoyable, colorful places, and vital cultural roots that comprise the heart and soul of the city. Now, to share his love of this beautiful city, he?s created a unique and highly personal book containing the very best of his traveling tips and advice about the diverse wonders of this glorious metropolis.

His new paperback, Paris Insights ? An Anthology, offers up dozens of uniquely crafted and highly personalized reports that focus on neighborhood and cultural attractions in the French capital. The book allows you to identify places to go and enjoy that are well off the beaten path ? places you will find fascinating but wouldn’t necessarily visit unless you?d been around Paris for decades.

His menu of Parisian adventures includes anecdotes about aspects of city life that only the native Parisian (or Parisian expatriate) knows and understands.

Paris Insights ? An Anthology encourages you to approach your next trip to Paris with the excitement and vigor of someone who knows a great deal more about Paris than most other visitors to the city do.

Here is a witty, incisive, and always informative compilation of sights, sounds, and good advice about enjoying the City of Light from an insider’s vantage point. This book is a treat even for seasoned travelers who have never really understood or appreciated the incredible treasures that abound in this wonderful town.

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  1. Even this book cover brings back wonderful memories of Paris. I am sure what is written inside is very valuable! It would be nice to have an insider’s view before your trip so you could plan and get the most out of your trip!

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