Book Review – Life After Bread, Get Off Gluten and Reclaim Your Health by Dr. Eydi Bauer

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Life After Bread: Get Off Gluten and Reclaim Your Health
By Dr. Eydi Bauer, D.C.
Published by Cypress House
ISBN-13: 9781879384774

Life After Bread by Dr Eydi Bauer is a quick read for those unfamiliar with celiac disease and its health issues. Within its 109 pages, the reader will find Dr. Bauer?s personal story, case studies for seven of her patients, a chapter of gluten-free recipes, and lists of resources and gluten-free product listings.

Dr. Bauer begins by discussing America?s health problems like obesity, depression, diabetes, and cancer and connects it to food intolerance and allergies. Working within the premise that chronic illness is no fun, she attributes autoimmune diseases to diet with the three biggest culprits being wheat, rye, and barley. She explains that these grains break down into gliadin, which never digests completely and causes body inflammation.

Chronic illness occurs when the immune system attacks itself and damages intestinal villi. Its consequence is malabsorption leading into to nutrition-deficiency syndrome. Sugar and flour can be addictive food substances. They breakdown into peptides, glutomorphines that bring temporary highs.

Dr. Bauer offers no cures for celiac. There isn?t any. What she does suggest is a gluten free diets of whole foods without soda, hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, MSG and nitrates, chlorinated water, and artificial sweeteners. Enough doctors have told me that my own medical problems are complicated by my eating habits so I do believe there is some reason to consider her opinions. I just wish she had documented her resource material more deeply. I personally prefer lots of current research studies.

The text to Life After Bread is simple with much repetition of certain medical facts. While this emphasis is necessary for some, I personally would have preferred more clinical citing with accompanying evidence. I am glad she recommends medical testing as I think testing for the disease with ANA lab tests, intestinal biopsies, and stool tests should be emphasized.

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16 thoughts on “Book Review – Life After Bread, Get Off Gluten and Reclaim Your Health by Dr. Eydi Bauer

  1. This sounds interesting but – like you – I prefer information based on up-to-date medical research and testing.

  2. Thanks for the review. This book was on my husbands list to read. I know he’s rather have the more clinical approach also.

    While no one in our family needs to have a gluten free diet, we do know people who are living a gluten free lifestyle. In recent years it has become easier to find products in the stores. They have all said that they do miss the taste.

  3. I’m not familiar with Celiac disease and haven’t heard an explanation why or when a gluten free diet is appropriate. I’m a firm believer that its never healthy to overeat any specific thing.
    What I have run into are a very few people who appear to be chasing the most recent fad. They carry on about eating ‘gluten-free’ and how great it is but not why they need to. They seem to have picked up the diet from a friend of a friend and no medical advice was involved.

  4. VJ,

    The author had many recommendations.  Some breads are made without gluten–but they are expensive and often haste ugh.


  5. So, is this book saying not to eat bread at all? I have heard a little bit about gluten free diets/lifestyles, but I’m not really familiar with exactly what it all entails. Did this book convince you to do anything differently in your eating habits?

  6. This look like a great book. I have never known about the dangers of eating products with Gluten in them before unitl about four months ago so it is very interesting to find more about this. Great review!

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