Book Review – Alibi by Teri Woods

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Alibi by Teri Woods

Category: Fiction
Format: Hardcover
Publish Date: 08/6/2009
Price: $21.99/$23.99
ISBN: 9780446581691
Pages: 272

I love murder mysteries so reading Alibi was right up my alley. There was one major problem though, the reader finds out in the first pages whodunit, and I like to do some of the brain work and some of the guessing. There were some surprises and a few twists and turns along the way. It would have just been so much better if there were more.

This is the main plot: Bernard (Nard) Guess is at the scene of a drug robbery gone bad and kills two men. He leaves behind two witnesses, a ten year old boy and his mama. His buddy Sticks is left to clean things up as the man knows as the Somerset Killer is caught and sits in jail awaiting trial. Meanwhile hooker Daisy Mae Fothergill agrees to give Nard an alibi. It doesn’t take her long to figure out that she is caught up with some really bad people. As witnesses are shot down, then a pimp, then a landlord, Daisy decides to get out of town and heads for Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Haunted by bad memories of her former life, drugs, and gangsters she starts a new life…until Sticks catches up with her just before the FBI does.

I won’t explain the background story about her mother’s life and how she came to Philadelphia. It’s all part of the story’s buildup. I won’t go into detail about the sub-plot involving Daisy’s boyfriend Reggie, his mama, or the $50,000. That’s part of the working out. Although this book is easy to ready and goes quickly, I feel that some of its dialogue is unnecessarily graphic and salty and take exception to ethnic language. To me both were overdone and detracted from the story..

11 thoughts on “Book Review – Alibi by Teri Woods

  1. Tavares,

    I doubt if I will buy it, but if I were i a doctor’s office and it were with the magazines  might give it a look to see if the style was consistent.


  2. I rated Alibi a 3. Daisy Mae seemed young, and gullible to me. A lot of things that happened had me shaking my head as if she should’ve known better. Are you going to pick up Alibi II in 2010?

  3. Nancy,

    Unless like in the Murder of Roger Ackroyd the author does it so skillfully that you do not realize until the end.


  4. I love mysteries also! To give away the identity of the murderer in the first few pages – that’s really brave for a mystery author to do!

  5. I love murder mysteries too. And action books. I agree with you, I’ve gotten accustomed to reading Christian fiction and found that I enjoy a good story much more without all the unnecessary “graphic and salty”. Have you ever read Dee Henderson? She also writes series of books, I like continuing with the same characters.

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