Be Greener Through Cell Phone Recycling

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Mobile technology has come far since hubby and I bought two bag phones for our vehicles back in the early 90’s. Both were heavyweights much like baby elephants. They were big. They were bulky. The next decade brought innovation, lightweight, and portability. Now with competition, cells do more and cost less. Their coverage is nationwide; their service is reliable.

Having an old cell phone today is much like having a dial party land line. With so much better equipment out there, why get less than you can use and appreciate? Cell phones today are slim, compact, and fit into even a shirt pocket. Cell phones have camera capability. Their modes for still and video photography rival stand alone digital ones. Cell phones can provide an answering service. How many men and women on the road are forwarding all their calls when they are away from home? How many men and women have dropped land line service entirely in favor of their personal cells? Today’s market has instant messaging, web service, even television built in as special features. If you own an old phone, its analog capabilities are simply put–passe. This is the age of digital. It is time for a cell phone trade in.

Once you’ve upgraded your phone take time to consider what to do with your old phone. Rather than just putting it in a drawer to gather dust, consider using a service like Flipswap. Cell phone recycling helps reduce ewaste. It also enables others to upgrade their phones, saving them some money. You could also consider a cell phone donation. It’s always great to extend a helping hand.

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