Be Careful What Questions You Ask, You May Get The Answer

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Spin welding is sometimes known as heat staking. It joints plastic not only to plastic but to other metals including metal and glass. It is most frequently used in conjunction with injection molding.

Plastic welding strengthens the total structure while it provides greater stability than previously used ones. Furthermore, because no screws or rivets are used, the process is much quicker, more economical, and more consistent.

The entire process from beginning to end takes only a few seconds. Of course, the joint itself is dependent on temperature, pressure, and time.

When utilized on plastic and anything else, the beauty and functionality of staking lies in that the materials regain their original rigid texture but with a solid joint. The practicality of it is that it can easily be disassembled.

Take a look at that plastic lawn furniture you bought a while back for your backyard, your deck, or your patio. Your lounge, table, chair or stool may look like one piece; however, it probably isn’t. Chances are excellent that its long plastic rods were joined by this process.

Because poseable tubing is easy to fabricate, it minimizes labor and keeps down weight. Less paint and repair, make for a product that is replacing wood and metal furniture more and more.

For those of you wondering, this little lesson is courtesy of Big T, who launched into a ten minute explanation after I asked him why he liked some outdoor furniture better than others. Aren’t I a lucky girl!

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