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With the economy being what it is, things have been tight everywhere. As I was looking through the newspaper this past week, I found that it had no “Help Wanted” section. Homes are being foreclosed. Bankruptcies are being filed. Stores are shutting their doors. Industry is going broke. GM wants the government to bail it out. All this affects Americans personally.

What can the public do in tough times? I looked at spending and cut down immediately on non-essentials. I put myself on a budget. Mortgage, taxes, household expenses, utilities, and insurance get paid first. Then comes debt, both car loans and plastic.
Entertainment, travel, and luxuries take the hit. Then my family has to eat.

There is no empty nest. We have a revolving door for the kids and their families. So, naturally, I try to stretch food dollars. I avoid purchasing prepared foods–they are costly, less nutritious, and don’t go as far as meals made from scratch. I invested in a vacuum machine as well as Ziplocs in every size. If there are leftovers, I put together a mini-meal and freeze it.

I gear my shopping list to sales. I check all supermarket circulars and go from store to store locally if the specials are real. (Do you realize some stores inflate their prices before they advertise big promos?) I use coupons–double or triple ones under $1.00 if I can. I buy in bulk then portion off at home. I am well-stocked on staples in my pantry. It is the meat and fresh produce that takes a hit.

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Angel Food Ministries helped me deal with this. It operates in 35 states and services a half million people each month. It partners with church and community organized organizations. Ocean County has four. No applications are necessary and there is no income restriction. Orders are placed a few weeks in advance of pickup and are paid by credit card, cashier check, or food stamps. I decided that I had to check it out.

I got my first order last week. I was impressed. There was enough food in it to fee two adults and two children for a week. For $30 there was steak, pork chops, chicken breasts, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, pie, milk, eggs, cereal, rice, beans,fries, and veggies. I know I saved many dollars. For another $28 I also got ten senior/convenience meals. It’s great to have them handy for the nights I can’t cook.

One last thing, good people understand there are many ways to lead a good life. No pressure or obligation in any way will be on you to get involved religiously. Angel Food Ministries is about helping people. Being able to have high quality food at a low price is a tremendous plus. For more information go to on the internet.

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  1. It breaks my heart seeing the awful times that people are going through. I wish I had tons of money to help out others. We don’t have much but we are so thankful for we do have. My husband was a self employed carpenter for over 30 years. Had plenty of work til the economy took a dive for the worse. In July of 2008 he got a full time job with benefits as a head maintenance supervisor-we are sooooooo thankful .

  2. My mother told me about this website a few weeks ago.
    Its good to know there is helping hands out there for people in need. God Bless 🙂

    1. Dear Memoriah,
      I guess I met your mother then.
      I tried to get to your site to see the picture full blown. Is that a boxer. I have one and I love her. She is spoiled.
      People should learn to help others more. I believe we get back in kind what we give….

  3. Dear Rebecca,

         Hi, again!  Right now it’s just hubby and me.  Closer to summer that changes when I usually have two of my grandchildren all day and everyone wants to come to the shore to hang out.  I can hardly wait.  I love family.  To me it is what my life is about. 


  4. I have never heard of this before. I think it’s great there is a program out there to help people in these times. Especially those feeding lots like you seem to be!

  5. Dear Aimee,

          I love the way you spell your name.  People are always oout there doing good deeds.  I’ve been lucky myself over the years, but now my fixed income isn’t going as far.  I have always tried to lend a helping hand and raised my kids that way.  We volunteered for Special Olympics, earlier food programs, and CMN besides working with vets and children.  We appreciate the service others give and try to give back when we can.  I look at it as advance payment for the time I will need it.



  6. I think it’s fantastic to learn about new programs such as the Angel Food Ministries. It seems to be a very well-run organization. After 4 years with my company, I was laid off last week. Although i don’t yet need the assistance of Angel Food Ministries, it’s great to know they are present…just in case.

  7. Dear Rebecca,

          Think about it this way.  Americans just eat too much meat.  Six ounces per day is the recommended amount for people who have to watch cholesterol and don’t we all?  Until the end of WWII, meat was scarce and rationed.  People took all the cuts and made them work.  Stews, soups, even homemade sausages…  Boy could my grandmother, mother, and aunt cook!  Now most women pride themselves on their baking.  With changes in economy come different priorities.  Good luck.  This economy has hurt everyone except the rick folks.


  8. I have been wanting to try this but its hard to find “spare money” to pay ahead of time! I am going to try to just go as cheap as possible this next food shopping time and hopefully there will be enough money left. Looks like we will be vegetarian for awhile!

  9. Dear Carol,

           There are people out there doing good.  I know of one many who set up a soup kitchen on the shore that has fed thousands.  Even his death did not close its doors.  There is always someone to carry on.  My mother told me stories of the Great Depression and what she and my father had to live through. Hardship is a test.  It can make people strong or the opposite.  Me, I’m a fighter.  I’ve been volunteering along with most of my family for many years helping veterans and children.  Each of us should do what we can, whenever we can…simpple as that.


  10. I have a wish that everyone will pull together during this hard time and reach out! I volunteer with my mom at a soup kitchen, and we’re seeing more and more men in business suits. Heartbreaking.

  11. Dear Tamara,

          When adversity hits I can’t help but think of Forrest Gumpp’s mama saying, “If you have lemons, make lemonade”.  People touching people can get us through hard, hard times both economically and emotionally.  we just have to keep trying until things get better and have faith they will.


  12. Dear Jovita,

         I am glad that you used the word price.  Too many people forget everything is on sale but sometimes the markup is way too high.  I won’t pretend the beef is angus or filet mignon.  I can’t afford to put those cuts on my table so why compare what I am buying to them.  The meat is packages so you see both sides.  As a butcher’s daughter I like to see.  I 



  13. Dear Annmarie,

         I worked for me.  You have to decide for yourself.  It was well worth what I paid.  I think the whole $28 order conservatively saved me at least $10 on what I used.  I did not count  the beans I gave to a church food pantry and the frosted flakes I gave to to my granddaughter.



  14. I had heard of this website a few times before but always assumed that maybe the food wasn’t that good, etc. Thank you for giving a review of how you found it and what all was included! Maybe it’s time for me to check it out for myself!

  15. What a neat program!
    I cant believe I’ve never heard of them!
    And the fact that they accept food stamps is incredible~
    Schwann’s does too, but their stuff is way too overpriced!
    Thanks for the post I will definately have to check them out!
    We have all had our fair share of *hard times*

    Thanks again~


  16. Such a wonderful program that can benefit so many wonderful people who are suffering through these hard times.

  17. Dear Judy,

          What I like is that it even allow people to use food stamps.  I ordered last month and this and plan to continue doing so.  It is an honest blog of my opinions.  We have all had hard times one way or another.  Just do your best and believe that things will get better.  Family is what really counts.  Good luck.


  18. Thank you for this post. I will have to look into this for our family. We fell into really hard times and this would really help.

  19. Dear Hopeful,

         Reaching out and touching people is what the world should be about.  There is a beautiful prayer that says, “Make me an innstrument of your peace….”  Would each of us only try to live it.


  20. I volunteer to distribute Angel Food. It’s been wonderful to get to know people from the community. I never realized how much people were hurting, and I am blessed just as much or more than they are by serving them. We buy some additional food to give out free to the neediest. A few people are too elderly or in wheelchairs to come to the church to pick up their food, so we deliver to them. Two people who received food are now volunteering with the distributions. We had a pot luck lunch and a lady from the community gave a testimony about how Angel Food has blessed her and her family, and then unexpectedly she sang the song “Thank You for Giving to the Lord” a cappella. I think there are probably a lot of churches in this situation. This is about more than distributing food, but also about impacting people.

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