Advantages of Having An RV

Hubby found a recreational vehicle that was a steal of a deal and bought it. He promised I would have to do nothing. I agreed. Where else but in a motor home, can I, the traveler, eat, drink, relax, watch television, or nap while hubby, the driver, does the work? Traveling from place to place in an RV is convenient and comfortable.

We never worry have to worry about reservations driving down the road. When it’s time to rest the man pulls over until it’s time to move on. We ride with a fully stocked refrigerator. How that cuts down the cost of eating out along the highways and byways! Our Class C is so roomy that I manage to hide all the sale of a lifetime buys I find along the route in it. Out of sight means out of mind. That way Big T can’t grouch about my spending. It even has enough space for the dogs and that is saying a lot. Prince is a Saint Bernard; Roxie is a boxer.

We crossed America in one–Jersey to Utah. We drove up the Atlantic coast in one and straight on into Canada. We drove down the Atlantic coast in one almost to the Florida Keys. We even drove to the Midwest in one then circled the Great Lakes (They really are BIG.) coming back through Niagara. It’s our home away from home whenever we are on the road. We always bring back with us great one of a kind memories. I could tell you stories….

9 thoughts on “Advantages of Having An RV

  1. I’d love to have an RV. We had almost decided to buy one and then the gas prices went up to $5.00/gallon and that was the end of that. 🙁 It does sound like fun, though.
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  2. I know this is an old post but was browsing your topics and came across it. My husband was just talking about wanting a camper. I don’t know that I’m ready to give up hotels rooms just yet, but the call of the wild seems to be calling him and the kids and tent camping isn’t that apppealing to me. Love the idea of driving cross country in a RV.

  3. Update! Got me a 1960 camper with 2 beds in it!
    Also got the pickup truck to tow it.
    I am now in the swing of things!! Woohoo
    let’s go down the road and have some fun :o)

  4. Lisa,

    It is convenient for a long haul says hubby  In oour youth we went from a minivan to a pickup top to a class C to a small trailer.  We are back to a C.  Hubby dreams of a bus….



  5. I am envious. I’d love to have a travel trailer or small motorhome.
    Now it is sleep in the back of a minivan!
    Not that great.

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