Accidentally On Purpose


Jenna Elfman is a talented comedian who knows how to make people laugh. Viewers may remember her from Dharma and Greg. So when I learned that she was the star of Accidentally On Purpose I knew I would love the show.

Accidentally on Purpose is a sit-com about 37 year old movie critic Billie who finds herself in a culture clash fish out of water situation. After a three year relationship with the boss James (Grant Show), Billie wants more. James doesn’t, and their breakup is hard.

Six months later, she feels empowered or desperate. When a young in his 20’s connects with her, she has a one night stand. Billie and Zack’s (Jon Foster) goodbye hello relationship soon changes. Billie wants a partner and knows her boy toy is not the one.

When Billie realizes she is pregnant, homeless Zack insists he will to be around for his child. She invites him to move in. His platonic presence in Billie’s life is a hilarious complication. Imagine what the writers can dream for future episodes.

Conventional married sister Abby (Lennon Parker) and best friend Olivia (Ashay Jensen) play straight men to talented comedian Elfman. Freeloader Dane (Nicholas Wright) brings humor frat house style. Elfman’s one liners bring lots of laughs.

I think the show’s Producers Berman and Braun have put together this season’s newest big comedy hit, but I’m no critic. I just watch and know what I like. Accidentally On Purpose is scheduled within CBS’s fall solid Monday night comic block. It airs at 8:30 P.M. ET. I plan to tune in. Do you?

Here’s a clip from the show.

Thanks to Role Mommy for getting me a preview of the show.

8 thoughts on “Accidentally On Purpose

  1. Janet,

    I think I am going to like this one and become addicted to it.  It shows a sensible and capable woman surviving against the odds.


  2. Okay, I just read the review of Good Wife and said it sounds too serious for me, this one goes too far the other way though. It doesn’t sound like it has enough substance. Guess I’m picky! I have Grey’s Anatomy and Army Wives. I think I’ll probably just stick with them.

  3. Hi Pat. Thanks for the YoBaby prize! I love Jenna Elfman and can’t wait to see this show! She always makes me laugh….

  4. Ashley,

    It could easily be bits and pieces of some of modern days politocos.  –Wrong show.  This one is funny!


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