A true care package

My husband’s adopted brother is a prankster. He routinely sends e-bonbon confections and dozens of roses anonymously to the wives and sweethearts of the males members of the family then waits to see what happens. I’ve had my share of these gifts.? So when the deliveryman brought a Fed-Ex box marked Perishable to my door, I immediately thought he was at it again. This time he wasn’t though.

flora2000 mini rose bush

I opened the box to find a red mini-rose plant filled with buds. Now I love roses but I knew immediately this was not his style– too practical. I looked for a card. I had gotten calls and cards from each of my boys earlier on. Still, perhaps it had come from my sailor son three thousand+ miles away. Perhaps it had come from his brother, the one who lives in the city. I knew it hadn’t come from my oldest–his wife takes care of gift-giving and brings them to the house instead of sending them.

Then I found the card. It read, ” XOX, Bunny”. Wow, was I ever surprised! Bunny is my oldest. She is sweet, kind, capable, and generous. She puts others first. I wish she would have spent the money on herself instead of me, but that just is not her. Now I know why she looked like the cat who caught a mouse when she stopped by earlier to see if anything had been left here for her. She tricked me. I thought she forgot Valentine Day. Silly Mama…that’s me.? I really should have known.

I am a bit concerned though about the future fat of the flowers though. I can kill anything–even cacti and terrariums. I did not earn the name Black Thumb for no good reason.

8 thoughts on “A true care package

  1. Dear Rebecca,

          Bunny is a giver.  JP sends his wife.  ET  usually says he owes me one.  LA calls on the major days.  Big T is good for two cards–one humorous and one sentimental.   It’s not the gift that matters really; it is the thought.  I’m lucky to have a family around me (until they squabble).


  2. Dear Michelle,

          My daughter is sweet, kind, and generous without a mean bone in her body.  She always thinks of others then herself.  She always remembers.


  3. Dear Rhonda,

          When I saw what I did/didn’t do I felt so bad I almost went to the stort to buy another one (I saw them locally right after I got my caring package).But I decided that would be deceitful.  I finished off debating myself are white lies lies.  I don’t think that there is a plant that will survive me.  If you cam think of one, please let me know.  I even kill cacti and terrariums.


  4. How beautiful. And what a wonderful surprise. Don’t feel bad I’m not great at growing things either yet my brother has a green thumb for sure. I bet he could grow a twig into a tree without even trying. Wish I could. Keep trying though you never know you just might find that perfect plant that you just can’t kill lol

  5. Dear Carol,

         Glad you got to see the before picture.  I hope you have a green thumb and better luck than me.  Now how do I tell Bunny I screwed up.  A gardener I definitely am not!


  6. The roses are beautiful! They look just like the ones my daughter gave me on Mother’s Day last year!

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