A Sneak Peek At TNT New Series Men of a Certain Age

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This weekend I got to see a sneak preview of Men of a Certain Age. It premiers Monday evening at 10:00 P. M. on TNT. This drama is a wry look at today’s modern American middle-class mid-40’s male. Its pilot explores bonds of male friendship and changes mid-life that three men, best buds since college, face.

Its characters Joe (Ray Romano), Terry (Scott Bakula), and Owen (Andre Brauger) are a mirror of many men. They are connected even if they are going in different directions. Joe, a bit of a gambler, is lonely, complicated, and slightly neurotic. He is aging with some humor and more insecurity. Terry, a seemingly breezy, and carefree, is dissatisfied with his player life. Owen, a dutiful family man, feels suppressed, trapped, and angry.

This is the synopsis of the show’s pilot (source www.tnt.tv/menofacertainage):

Joe, Owen and Terry have been friends for years. Joe, a party-store owner who once had dreams of being a professional golfer, struggles with his recent separation from his wife. Owen, a put-upon auto salesman, tries to make ends meet while working for his demanding father. And Terry, a handsome part-time actor, hopes to recapture the glory of his past. Between daily lunches at a local diner and hikes in the hills overlooking Los Angeles, the three do their best.

Joe’s quandary about the humane to do after running over an opossum brought a smile to both hubby, who was also watching, and me. . I’ll be tuned in to the next episode because the script is relateable to the audience, is smartly written, and has down to earth dialogue. I feel like I missed the end of the episode though; some things needed better “closure”. Perhaps two back to back episodes would have better served to launch Men of a Certain Age.

Men of a Certain Age premieres tonight on TNT at 10/9 central.

Take a look inside.

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