A Friendly Reminder To Back Up Your Files

macbook pro

Recently hubby’s Mac had to go in for repair. He wasn’t worried about repair costs as he had the foresight to purchase an extended warranty. What he didn’t reckon on though, was either the time the computer would be in the shop or the cost the repair center wound charge to backup his programs and files. Instead of leaving it , he brought it home and went on line and purchased?online data backup. It installed, did its job, and saved lots of money. After that it was back to the Apple Store another two times for hubby. The technician misdiagnosed the problem once. The technician had to order a part the next time. Fortunately, it is fixed now and again running and working. Have you backed up lately?

9 thoughts on “A Friendly Reminder To Back Up Your Files

  1. I just started online backup myself. I had an external drive, but it just never worked right and I had to remember to back up. A tornado recently hit our town and as we sat in the basement, I was much more calm about the possibility of losing my computer knowing that I had OFFSITE backup! We escaped damage, but it really did give me a little more piece of mind knowing that I wouldn’t lose all the info/pictures etc that are in my computer. My laptop is old and I also worry less when it “freezes” knowing that if it dies, I won’t lose everything.

  2. I didn’t back up my files and got a win.32 virus that totally deleted all of my stuff, including some newborn pictures of my son, oh was I livid! I now have a removable hard drive! :~)

  3. I regularly back up my files, but thanks for the reminder! I’ll check at home to see if it ran correctly.

  4. Great reminder, not only if it has to go in for repairs and they charge you, but if you get the dreaded “blue screen of death”! Boy will you be glad you have your stuff backed up….. been there done that!!

    Have a great week!

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