A Eulogy to Someone Who Touched Lives and Changed Them

A line from an old Billy Joel song keeps running through my mind.

Dave was a good man. He believed in God and lived his life accordingly. He married a wonderful woman, Mary, who shared the same values as him. He believed in family. He delighted in being a father. Raised staunch Roman Catholic, he raised his own children the same way.

Never rich, Dave made do and thanked God for his many blessings. He could never do enough to help others less fortunate him. He loved people and worked tiredlessly for them. Always human, he understood the suffering and problems in others. He did not seek things for himself. He would try to comfort when he saw pain and tears.

Dave lives on in his family and in those whose lives he touched and brightened. His soul is in heaven I am sure. He is with God watching over. Remember him with happy memories.

“Only the good die young.”

2 thoughts on “A Eulogy to Someone Who Touched Lives and Changed Them

  1. Dear Karen,

           I wish I could understand that one.  There once was a play called JB based on the biblical Book of Job.  I guess God tests.  I just feel so badly for his family–good people, nice, kind, helpful, generous, giving.


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