A Dog’s Life

Have you ever heard anyone idly making the comment, “I lead a dog’s life.”? I have. I would not be able to agree or disagree without knowing a little more information.

It all depends on the dog and, of course, his owner. I know some people treat their pets better than their children. They insure their animals so they can get health care. (Our government doesn’t even do that for all America’s children.) They take bow-wow to the dentist. They have a doctor on speed-dial AKA veterinarian in case a problem might arise.

Many canines have regularly scheduled trips to the groomer. Shampoo and nail trim are common place. They even school the puppies who become adult dogs on obedience and behavior. (Some parents should try it with their own kids.)

dog cookies

Many people eat far worse than their pets. They don’t eat as well or as nutritiously. Look at how overweight many Americans are today. If they would only watch their nutrition as carefully they would be in much better shape.

Administering pet supplements including vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and probiotics won’t make Fido wealthy or wise, but it will help his health. All this for the love of a pet….

6 thoughts on “A Dog’s Life

  1. Eileen,

    Glad you stopped by and hope you will again.  I think your family and Libertyy are very lucky to have you as you are no matter what.  You seem to be a strong, intelligent, sensitive young woman.  we all just do one way or another when we love.  You’ll be in my prayers.  I also believe you have to really want and think positively.  Hope springs eternal.



  2. I also have seen so many overweight pets. But I am guilty of not walking my dog. I have a reason…limited to my bed with illness the past year. BUT, I keep plenty of toys near to play catch and retrieve with her. She is almost 8 and still is as active as a puppy. She has been my savior since we got her. I became sick shortly after turning 40 and has been by my side ever since…literally. Liberty is part of our family and I dont know what our kids or I would do without her!!!

    We almost lost her last year ON my birthday and she required emergency surgery. SHe has to eat a special diet and it is tough to pay the extra but we just do, because what else CAN we do. SHe is FAMILY!!

  3. Kelly,

    I loved walking my dog then I had my TLK transplant and it just isn’t the same.  I wish my dogs would be more gentle with me (boxer and Saint Bernard).


  4. I’m in better shape because I have a dog. I used to hibernate in the winter, now I hike and walk all year around because my dog needs the exercise. We have a great time together.

  5. Susan,

           We live in an area with lots of nursing homes.  Support groups bring pets in to visit the residents with good results.  Animals  help in lots of ways.


  6. I have to say that we love pet owners who love their pets. My husband owns a small pet shop in Lincolnwood, IL called The Animal Store. It’s seems that it’s not just American people who are suffering from obesity, though. All that pet loving can lead to too many treats and pets that are obese. I’ve also seen a lot of pet owners lately who buy strollers for their pets, so they aren’t even getting the same exercise as their owners. This was a fun post. I started a blog for our store not too long ago. If you get a chance, stop by: http://theanimalstore.blogspot.com.

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