24 – Conflict, Suspense, the Unexpected–Savor It While It Lasts

I am not much of a television watcher. Probably because I have been an avid reader since early childhood–I remember going to my first library at age six–I am never quite satisfied how the directors and producers put the show together. I find fault with characterization, scripting, dialogue, carting, scenery, and so much more. My mind can always create images so much more vivid and satisfying. Imagination can be both creative and personally satisfying.

With that said, I have to admit that my sense of humor is strange almost black. (Now before any of you think I am a racist, please check out what the literary term means). I do not like slapstick comedy or comedy that mocks authority.

I grew up with the Three Stooges, the Bowery Boys, the Firestone Theater, Ernie Kovacs, Jackie Gleason. I loved the Damon Runyon Theater, Molly Goldberg, Amos and Andy, and I Love Lucy and Topper. But over the years, I changed as the writing evolved or regressed. It is all a matter of opinion and taste.

I do not like shows where youngsters ridicule oldsters. I do not like violence for its sensationalism. It is a big turnoff both of me and the channel if the show’s blood and gore does not fit tightly into both theme and plot. NCIS has been my favorite for several seasons. I rarely turn on any channels other than 2, 4, and 7 so I never even saw 24 until this season when it came on by chance. When the major stations interrupted their normal broadcasting for one of their interrupted, extended, not-so-special specials preempting my shows, I decided to surf. Boy am I glad I did!

24 season one dvd case

24 has a great gimmick. It is shown in real time. An hour in the life of a rogue government agent is presented in 60 minutes sans advertising with 24 episodes in each year’s filming. Thousands of years ago the Greeks used it when staging their drama trilogies. Perhaps the greatest Western of all times, High Noon, used the same pace.

I make sure I see every episode and have my TIVO set to record it if something happens to interfere. Protagonists Jack Bauer and Renee Walker play off one another as the set showcases the real D. C., a city of contrasts. The antagonist Dubaku like many twisted minds plays as amoral rather than immoral. President Allison Taylor acts like a leader and a woman simultaneously which makes her real. The plot that twists and turns and never stops. The good guys turn into bad ones when one least suspects. The plot always carries a punch. The peril of innocents is always at the top.

As each episode ends I wonder, “Are there really people like that? Could this happen? Does this happen?” I am so committed to the series now in its seventh year, that I went out and bought myself the first six years episodes. We are running a Premier Season marathon right now. Eventually we will get through six years. Meanwhile I am savoring every minute. I try not to contrast the seasons. I am intent on watching the character grow.

If you haven”t checked out 24 as yet, take a look see. Jack Bauer is America’s James Bond without all the gadgetry and sexual machismo. Fox is to be commended for scheduling this one. Now I have only to worry how long will it last before someone pulls the plug….

12 thoughts on “24 – Conflict, Suspense, the Unexpected–Savor It While It Lasts

  1. Dear Janet,

           The only thing I regret about finding 24 is that I saw half of Season 7 before 1 and 2 (now into 3).  It is adictive.


  2. Just last night, someone told us they bought the first season of 24 and were watching several episodes at once! I guess we better get the message from two sources now and take a look!

  3. Dear John,

          Besides faithfully watching Season 7 (on TIVO in case I am out), I watched  DVD marathons of Seasons 1 and 2 recently.  Just started #3.  Great action.  Maybe visit a friend for a long time who has it copied.


  4. Dear Jenn,

          Hubby and I just finished our second season marathon.  I keep wondering how I only discovered the show Season 7.  I believe this things could happen.  Cynica;, pessimistic, or cautionary ppoint of view…  I wonder if a #8 is in the worksPat..


  5. We dvr 24 every week. It is one of the few tv shows my husband and I both enjoy. This season has been pretty good to. I love having a female president.

  6. Dear Whitney,

          NCIS is about crime investigations and solving  a deed already done usually murder with legalities observed.  23 is about terrorism and counter-terrorism, politics, and two-faced (at least) people in command with legalities not observed.  NCIS can be watched by episode.  Missing a week will not innterfere with understanding the plot.  24 is much like a soap opera with a continuing plot.  It has so many different turnabouts that missing anything would make it confusing.  We have the TIVO on auto jubs in case we are unavailable.


  7. Dear AJacobsen,

          Season One was great.  I see why the show was renewed.  We are now in Seasons Two (DVD) and Seven (TIVO or live).  I picked up the viseos used at FYI, at Circuit City’s closing sales, and at Cocoanits markdowns.  Wait a while and Season & will be out for your convenience.




  8. Dear Rebecca,

         I really don’t watch that much TV faithfully.  TIVO has allowed me the opportunity to be picky and still get about.  For years 5 was not great in original programming.  This show blew me away when I found it in Season 7.  I bought the videos of previous seasons and am gooing through them when I get a chance.




  9. I used to be totally hooked on 24. It was my favorite show. Life gets busy and I hardly ever watch tv anymore, but I agree great show.

  10. We used to watch 24 but kinda got put off by the writers strike last year, and the delay of taping and premier of this season. We LOVED it though.
    It’s prob good I didn’t get back into it though… We don’t have TiVo, so I’d be confined to my house every Monday night! =)
    Good to hear it’s a good season and that you’re enjoying it!

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