Simply Grand

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The boys started going to Disney back in 1985, The first time it was June–too hot–so we tried another season. Next was December 1985–Christmas crowds–so we tried yet another season. Soon it was Easter 1987–more crowds–so we tried one more time. We decided to try for November 1988–just perfect weather with room to move. Booked into the newly opened Grand Floridian, we arrived in style from the airport. The limo driver took care of our baggage as we awaited the concierge. Once registered, with room keys in hand, we went to our room. A welcome basket greeted us, the first of many surprises that helped make the trip perfect. We were on the Grand Plan and grand it was. There was dining at the best restaurants–the Gulf Coast Room, the Empress Lily, and, of course, our own hotel’s Victoria and Albert’s–all 5 star. The meals in Epcot–the Coral Seas, Japan, France–were excellent as well. Room service was something else. After going to bed at midnight to arise at 6:00 A. M. the male folks kept asking why they couldn’t just skip breakfast and sleep. Eventually they awoke to mini-Mickey waffles, specialty fritattas, french toast,, eggs, raspberries, hot pastries, juice and milk for the kiddies and tea for the big people. Engorged, moving ever so slowly, with sand still in the eyes, the family ventured out for adventure. Disney monorails and buses excelled; there were no waits. On one occasion transportation even dispatched a special bus for one family of four. Reservations to the Top of the World involved a monorail ride then an escalator and twin carriage were forbidden on movable stairs. The day was spent zipping back and forth from part to park.

At the end of each day, another gift greeted us. The big stuffed Mickey and Minnie poised on the bed brought smiles then whoops of joy. The boys jumped on the bed to stake claims. Exhausted from a day of fun, they immediately went to bed. The characters, horseback riding, water sports, golf filled what time wasn’t spent checking the rides. Everyone got to do exactly what he wanted. The boys delighted in the snack and junk foods be it Mickey Mouse lollipops, cookies, or ice cream. The MM muesli was a treat munched on they went from place to place never stopping. Little ones really do have loads of energy! Time flew and it was time to get ready to leave. We decided to relax by the pool that last day. When the boys finally decided to get out of the water, they put their tiny GF robes on. They were adorable. They tried so to look like grownups. Soon it was time for our last meal. The concierge Fred, the best man we have ever dealt with anywhere, anytime, booked us into the Cafe.
As we enjoyed a late lunch (french fried pickles, french fries,burgers that little ones so love, and Grand Floridian iced tea), we knew we wanted to return. Since one of the boys’ birthdays was only days away, Fred had a special order cake made for us and sent to the table. What a surprise for a little one yet not in school! Then the waiters brought out helium balloons like the ones sold in the park and sang a loud “Happy Birthday” as the other people in the restaurant applauded. The family went home with only happy memories. There were no smiles, no frowns. Disney committed itself to satisfy and it did that then. Since that time we have returned time and time again, but that one year was one we all remembers. It began a tradition.

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  1. I remember when you stayed at the Grand Floridian. What service! I remember me and hubby stayed at another hotel at the same time and you even had enough at meals for us too! It was expensive but if you could afford it I think it was worth it.

    1. That was when there were no wives or (grand)children. I will never forget all of us (Big T, Me, You, RB, JP, ET, and LA) piling into your yellow mustang convertible to go places. How we laughed and enjoyed the time together!

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