Restaurants Replaced

Twenty-some years ago our family had eaten at every Disney restaurant pm property and in the parks. Taint so no more. WDW expansions and CEO quests or the bucks over-saturated the market. Disney sold off many locations? in reality long-term leasing them out to competitors (like Westin and Sheraton), revamped menus, and even opened a freestanding fast food drive through. Prices went up as food and service declined.

The times were changing. The Gulf Coast Room (Contemporary) was the first to go. Then came the Tangaroa Terrace Polynesian). Eventually came the Empress Room (Marketplace). Signature menu items were deleted. Gone from the Grand Floridian Cafe were french fried pickles as well as their signature ice tea. The closing of the Buena Vista Club on the golf course meant no place for real bananas foster. The military take over of the Golf Resort meant no more french fried ice cream. The move toward California grill fare removed gator dip from Naracossee’s tables. Even Magic Kingdom parks limited things. Cafe mocha, a delectable hot drink of fresh brewed coffee served with a dollop of chocolate ice cream floating in the cup, was gone as was the Liberty Tavern punch, a lemony specialty concoction. Had the World ever served Carnation Fantasia ice cream I would decry its removal here too!

The butter shaped into derbies, seashells, and Mickey Mouse have been replaced with slabs of butter. The confections that decorated desserts are gone too, replaced by a wafer or pirouette. No more after dinner chocolate candies with a layer of mint arrives at the end of the meal?just the check.

Modern times dictated new marketing strategies. Me, I miss the magic of the place in a time gone by.

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