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I remember when there was no sale of alcohol, tobacco, or gun in the Parks. Kids were there and Disney aimed to role-modeling. That was before they decided to chase for the bucks about the time they put family ethics aside

no smoking

Now what interests me is their change in Vacation Club places. There were No rules against smoking in the contracts bought and paid for by consumers over most of the last approx. 20 years. However, a couple of years ago that changed.

If you look at the fine print and a purchaser’s right to vote on the issue, it simply doesn’t exist. Disney configured its board to allow it to do what it wanted regardless of public sentiment. In fact the public?meaning the owners?weren’t even asked about their feelings on the total no smoking policy.

I am personally a non-smoker. But, I do think that the right to smoke should at least have been grandfathered into the contracts on file.

2 thoughts on “Model For Others

  1. I quit smoking a couple of years ago. I do feel that smokers have rights, as do non-smokers. Since DVC members bought, rather than just booking a room for a period of time, I do feel that Disney should have at least reserved a couple of buildings for the smokers to keep it fair.

    1. I think Disney is cutting expensive corners in an unfair way. I wish a lawyer wanted to research it for a possible class action. When I bought my points, it was allowed and nothing in the paperwork on file says otherwise. Disney can buy and sell any little guy and pressure him out as well. Cynical perhaps but my take on things. The mouse himself does not run the corporation even though it is the image corporate presents. $$$$–big ones–do.

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