For the POW-MIA’s, a prayer

O Lord of all people,
Who loves all people—Muslim, Christian, and Jew–
Protect us from the hatred of those who want to destroy us and You.
There are different kinds of prisoners.
Our POW?s were one kind; the people living in freedomless lands another.
There are different kinds of soldiers missing in action, military and civilian.
They die because they are Americans.
They die because they believe in freedom for all.
First they died in wars on foreign soil; now they die here at home.
MIA?s memories linger among us.
Help those they left behind find peace.
Let the nightmare for the living end.
Bless the United States, its allies, our people.
Give us strength to go on.
Inspire us to accept and do your bidding.
Let us keep hope and remember, ?Thy will be done.?
Let us keep faith with Thy power and justice
For no devil or his puppet can overcome You.

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