Changing Market

Just before Christmas, we went WDW to see the holiday displays, Christmas, trees and gingerbread houses. The trees outside each park were gorgeous. I was especially taken by the one at the entrance to the Animal Kingdom with its beastie ornaments. The carousel at the Beach Club was a tasty morsel that I wished I could see one of my grandbabies ride. The light display in MGM, perhaps you know it as Disney Studios or whatever, was bright.

The Osbourne Lights were the main reason for the holiday trip. With everyone and everything jammed into one staged area, the sights and sounds just could not be savored. I am choosing to understate this because past ones were superlative; these only a luke-warm OK for the admission in.

pal mickey

I wanted to get a Pal Mickey for one of the kids on my gift list. Alas, I learned he has been discontinued. A sale lost when I decided to buy some educational toys at home and save on mailing. I had also wanted to buy more clothing for Mickey. He has been a well dressed dude up to the present ?tux, pirate costume, raincoat, casual attire up to now. Too bad I can’t buy more for him now. The recession will cut into his wardrobe definitely.

I tried to use the Pay Mickey I bought myself a couple of years back. (My son had beat me to buying my granddaughter one that time although I did buy my grandson one then.) His programming seemed lacking. I guess that Disney is no longer backing up its technology for him now that they have collected my bucks and made theirs.

Me, I’m not really interested in Mickey Mouse tee shirt mania. I decided not to waste my ticket price browsing for alternatives when I could be enjoying rides and attractions. So I decided to stop at the local discount department stores and the new mall on the way back home. I did find some things I liked and saved mucho dinero.

2 thoughts on “Changing Market

  1. They were best the first years they were on display.  They relocated them when they tore down  part of the backlot for other attractions.  Their planning caused traffic flow problems which they did try to fix.  Now some displays just are not optimumly placed, others seem invisible or gone.

  2. I didn’t even think I’d likemthe Osbourne Lights when we went during the holiday season but they are incredibly beautiful and impressive.

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