Remember When, a poem

Baby boy,
Little one,
Remember when
you and ?your brother played tricks on Grandma?
I thought I knew you…
But I knew everything then.??
I don?t now.
You?ve become a man,
And your mommy does know that?s for the best.
Pain and pride
Side by side.
So close yet so far.
Bright shining star.
At last I understand? how well you know me.
Just words–I love you.
To one, truth; to another, fiction.
Use them cautiously.
Who and what we are? gives our words meaning.
World wise one,
Live no lies.
Serve with honor, pride.
Make conscience your guide.
Angels Pam, Ernie,? Shawn, Steven, watch over.?
Truly, do your best.
(Advice easier to give than take.)
I believe in you.
The boy who read to me? can do anything.

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