Christmas Memories

Years ago my sons now 24 and 23 attended church regularly.? They went to Sunday school,? Summer Bible School, received Baptism, Penance, Holy Eucharist, Confirmation, sang for many years in the Children?s Choir, and even joined the Youth Group for a little while.?


How they loved going.? The Halloween theme–decorations with carved, lighted pumpkins, music like ?When the Saints Go Marching In?, the costumed parade into church, and treats after mass–all made it fun for little ones.


Sermons were never boring.? The parables of dogs and cats were listened to and even talked about on the way home.? There were questions like, ?What did Jesus look like??? They thought about what they were learning.

The boys notice the changes now that they are grown.? They were surprised that there has been no greccio service for the last three years.??For many?years they participated in the live nativity either as shepherds with crooks and lambs, wise men, or even Joseph. ?


They loved going to church the morning of December 24 to help decorate the tree with ornaments the parish families had brought. ? They enjoyed the choir singing before the children?s mass on Christmas Eve in the early evening evening and, of course, their presents from the pastor.

Once they moved out ?holidays changed. ?Now it is time for them to make their own memories. ?Still I remember back and??wish learning about God will be fun for every child. ?

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