YoPlus Light Yogurt Review And Giveaway

As I was packing to go away for the Columbus Day Weekend, I received a “Get Healthy” gift pack in the mail from MyBlogSpark. I am just like a little kid at Christmas and love to open packages except Hubby beat me to it. It took some quick talking and a reminder if he kept it then he would have to write a review for me to get it back. I just love the YoPlus Light stylish sports bag, sports towel, and ear buds. I packed the sports bag immediately–strong, sturdy, with lots of separate compartments. I am keeping this […]

Yoplait Fiber One Nonfat Yogurt Review

My stomach has been acting up the last couple of days and things like chicken haven’t been sitting well on it. Traditionally foods like rice, pasta, and potatoes are not options for the moment. Why? I am a diabetic and must maintain my sugar levels without consuming too many processed carbohydrates. Dairy seems the best choice for my next meal, perhaps cottage cheese. I do my morning errands then stop off at the local supermarket for necessities. As I walk through the refrigerated section, yogurt catches my eye–so many varieties. I am trying Yoplait Fiber One Yogurt as I received […]