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WaterGeeks Pure Blue Filtered Bottle Review

What animal other than an elephant drinks large amounts of water?  No contest if you ask me as I immediately respond my middle son ET as I cite our  recycling bin  overfilled with for plastic water bottles as Proof #1. The amount of water he consumes in a day is so great that thinking green, I opt for a refillable 1.5 gallon small water cooler. I do not begrudge Middle Son his water.  Its the storage space and garbage I resent.  My new buying pattern of 2 gallon containers of water daily and a full recycling bin with big jugs […]

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE – Project Earth H20 Water Bottles

GIFT IDEA – PROJECT EARTH H2O REUSABLE WATER BOTTLES About Project Earth H2O Project Earth H2O was founded with the goal of eliminating single-use water bottles (many of which have been linked to a toxic, potential cancer-causing chemical called BPA). Brian Denton realized something needed to be done in response to the nation’s insatiable thirst for bottled water. The thought of some 38 billion single-use bottles ending up in landfills each year lead him to create a reusable stainless steel bottle that’s intended to last. Project Earth H20 has created a reusable stainless steel water bottle that is budget friendly […]

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE – Vapur Water Bottles

GIFT IDEA – VAPUR WATER BOTTLE I am an airline passenger who has been brown bagging since the airlines began charging for everything alcohol, beverages, even water, snacks, luggage, meals, paper tickets, assigned seating. What’s next? I know when Homeland Security decreed that no liquids could pass airport security check, it was doing so for the safety of the passengers. I support this totally. Years after 9/11 regulations still exist–often changing from day to day and airport to airport. I hate to think how many bottles of water, glasses of soda, and cups of coffee I had to dump prior […]