VTech Roll & Learn Activity Suitcase Review And Giveaway

The product featured was provided free of cost to me for the sole purpose of product testing and review. Please note that any personal opinions reflected in this post are my own and have not been influenced by the sponsor in any way. Christmas comes early around here–shopping that is. I don’t wait until Black Friday for sales. My strategy buy for hubby, four adult children, spouses and significant others, seven grandchildren, close friends, and business acquaintances when I find the perfect gift works for me. Over the years I have bought a lot of VTech. I became aware of […]

2012 Hess Rescue Truck And Helicopter Review

In 1964 the first Hess Toy Truck was released to coincide with Thanksgiving Day. That particular $1.29 retail is now a collector’s edition. Its history, quality, craftsmanship, attention to detail, and value made it so. It along with the Macy’s parade, holiday decorations, and Santa Claus heralded in the Christmas season. From 1972 on I remember getting in my car at the crack of dawn Thanksgiving morning to line up at the Hess station year after year so my son (and later sons) could have one. My sons now grown have sons of their own – time to recelebrate an […]

Monkeez Makes a Difference Review

Hubby and I are both big on volunteering, and we raised our children to do for others rather than just talk the talk. Humanitarian giving helps those in need. Recently I became aware of Charleston, South Carolina-based MVP Group International, Inc.’s philanthropic and educational Monkeez Makes a Difference. It’s an innovative program that empowers children to help others and it’s child’s play. Parents can start things by gifting their child a Genuine Monkeez and Friends available at independent retailers as well as online at Choose your favorite from pint-sized to small to medium to large. The 90+ characters include […]

Neighborhood Toy Store Day 2012

I demand one-on-one customer service and satisfaction.     I am a touchy-feely person who evaluates every purchase by how its built as well as its price.  I try to avoid sight unseen catalog and online shopping.  I prefer to shop locally.  Small businesses help my town thrive economically with customer convenience a big plus factor.  No pig-in-the-poke for me unless it is a game. I know how frustrating it can be to find the right, no correct that to perfect toy high in demand but low in supply, at mass market retailers.  Even more frustrating is giving it to a child and […]

HOLIDAY GIFT IDEA – Puppet Heap Playthings

Toys are very different from the ones of both my generation and my children’s generation. Electronics are OK in the proper time and place but I believe in toys that foster creative play and build imagination. In the spare bedroom there is a toy box full of books, puzzles, building blocks, Mr. Potato Head, cars and trucks. There are also dolls, a couple of puppets, and a deluxe puppet theater to occupy visiting grand children. So when Puppet Heap Playthings sent me a puppet character, she joined the troop of glove, body and marionette ones the grandchildren and I enjoy. […]

HOLIDAY GIFT IDEA – Mega Bloks Blok Squad Construction Mission

Christmas and memories of long ago, sharing them makes them alive again. I remember visiting my cousins when I was about ten. Their real tree set in front of the big bow was magnificent as was the falling city snow. Beneath the tree were tracks of trains, a tiny village, miniature figures, and something I had never before seen – interlocking plastic bricks in red and white. I used them to build a house. How well they played! I believe in toys that build on motor skills, imagination, and creativity. That is what I appreciate about Mega Bloks. It’s a […]

Xia-Xia Pets Review

Toys R us has put the line of Xia-Xia pets and accessories on its Most Wanted Toy List for the 2011 Christmas season. Manufacturer Cepia Toys’ Xia-Xia hermit crabs, play sets, and accessories for girls ages 4+ will be available online as well as on the shelves of select major retailers this month. The items range in price from $5.99 to $19.99. The Xia, like its real hermit crab counterpart, likes to change its shell. Call what is inside that shell kid wonderful. Based on the carnivale theme, Xia’s surprise components make Xia’s this year’s treasure find. Predictions are that […]