Sentimental Journey CD Review

When I learned Emily Rossum had completed an album called Sentimental Journey, I had to have a listen. I remember listening to Doris Day’s original Sentimental Journey on the radio about the time I started school. The words “Gonna take a sentimental journey. Gonna set my heart at ease. Gonna make a sentimental journey to renew old memories.”, struck a chord in me back then. We were always moving about–East Rutherford, Union Beach, Jersey City, North Bergen then more to follow. My parents promised we would keep in touch with our neighbors, but we didn’t. Then when I became an […]

Kylie Minogue, The Abbey Road Sessions Album Review

Australian superstar Kylie Minogue’s The Abbey Road Sessions (released October 24, 2012) is 16 tract orchestral compilation spanning her 25 years of song-making. Abbey Roads is an effective, critically acclaimed, vocally driven album which includes: 1. “All the Lovers” 2. “On a Night Like This” 3. “Better the Devil You Know” 4. “Hand on Your Heart” 5. “I Believe in You” 6. “Come Into My World” 7. “Finer Feelings” 8. “Confide in Me” 9. “Slow” 10. “The Loco-Motion” 11. “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” 12. “Where the Wild Roses Grow” 13. “Flower” 14. “I Should Be So Lucky” […]

Bounce It Off Millions Contest

When Bobby Vee sang, “Rubber ball, I come bouncing back to you,” it wasn’t about product selection of Bounce Traditional Sheets, Awakenings, Pure Essentials, Fresh Scent, Dryer Bar, Lint & Freshness Roller, or 15 Minute Dry Cleaner. He tale was one of a guy who stuck around even though his lady who could not decide between another man and him. My advice: Choose carefully when making any choice then stick with it. No one can have it both ways – for long. Want some input on the big decision that you are about to make? No need to flip a […]

Johnsonville “No Ordinary Burger” Recipe Contest

Johnsonville is currently holding a “No Ordinary Burger” recipe contest for their new Italian sausage and bratwurst pork burger lines. Why not log into the contest page, submit your favorite pork burger recipe, and vote? You could win a year’s worth of groceries. Deadline is September 6, 2011, so don’t wait. Go to now. I did. I am always complaining that there are too many quick food places and too many banks here in New Jersey. The irony of it all! Developers tore down my favorite Pine Barrens hoagy spot and put up another drive-through s&l. This situation left […]

Never Shout Never is on ‘Target’

Here’s a great deal on the new Never Shout Never debut cd Harmony for my music loving readers. It’s 50% Off at Target Stores thru Saturday! The offer ends tomorrow so hurry! NEVER SHOUT NEVER Wiith nearly 1 million fans on Facebook and MySpace and over 1 million tracks sold in the US, alternative retro-pop band Never Shout Never is evoking excitement from even the most jaded teen with their debut album Harmony! Harmony was just released this week and the band will be rocking living rooms across America with their appearance on The Jimmy Fallon Show next Friday. As […]

Laws of Illusion by Sarah McLachlan CD Review

With a history of twenty years of studio and live albums all gold, platinum, or multi-platinum, Sarah McLachan’s comeback studio album, Laws of Illusion, deserves a listen. The new material has been seven years in the making. Canadian messo-soprano McLachan emotional ballads reveals both love from both sides and herself. It is a good bet that this Grammy Award singer-songwriter has come up with another winner. Wait until you hear its ten new songs and two previously released ones. Here is the track listing. 1. AWAKENINGS 2. ILLUSIONS OF BLISS 3. LOVING YOU IS EASY 4. CHANGES 5. FORGIVENESS 6. […]

Ritz Crackerfuls Review And Coupon

Hubby and ET were making fun of me this morning packing for our trip to Wildwood. Necessities first: large suitcase, computer bag with gadgetry. Next: miscellaneous the folks forgot like suit jackets, pool toys, and the newspaper hubby edits. Last but not least: food and beverages. We may socialize a lot here, but when the partying is over, it is nice to have some snacks in the cupboard. Freezer pops, popcorn, candy packed along with cold cuts, meat and potatoes–OK I am no saint BUT the rest of the family here is NOT on my diet. Theirs is more of […]