GUM Soft-Picks

This Week’s Winners

Here are the winners of this week’s giveaways. To select the winner of these giveaways I put the number of entries into the Random Sequence Generator on I matched the numbers that came out on top to the comment bearing the same number and made sure the comment was eligible. GUM Soft-Picks winner #18 Jackie V Stretch Island Fruit Co. Fruit Strips winner #29 Rachel D Herman T’s BBQ Sauce Winner #26 dianad Thanks to all who entered the giveaways! Please consider subscribing to my feed so you don’t miss out on the latest posts, reviews and giveaways.

GUM Soft-Picks Review and Giveaway

I recently received some GUM Soft-Picks to review. Wow! Being a frugal shopper, price has usually been my #1 consideration up until now. I floss regularly. You know the drill on the string, how it breaks, and how you wish you could find a better way. Well, I just did. About GUM Soft-Picks When was the last time your dentist said, “Great job flossing”? For 87% of us, it’s been a while. That’s the percentage of dental patients who don’t floss on a regular basis according to the American Dental Association. So we made an alternative to flossing that’s effective, […]