Band-Aid + Neosporin = Better Together – With Giveaway

My medicine cabinet is stocked with the necessities – hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, pain reliever, band-aids, and neosporin. Those of you who read my blogs know how I feel about Band-aids and Neosporin (see 12/15/2009. 7/31/2010, and 12/18/2010 posts). A quick fix in minor emergencies they are child-friendly but work even with adults as they work from the inside out. Grandbaby is here with me visiting. As we watched sock puppets singing (go to about the importance and effectiveness of using Band-aids and Neosporin together, she put the hit on me for the packages of Disney Princesses and Sponge […]

This Week’s Winners

Here are the winners of this week’s giveaways. To select the winner of these giveaways I used the “And The Winner Is” plugin, and made sure the comment was eligible. Thermacare HeatWrap winner – Raven In A Blue Room Band-Aid And Neosporin Holiday Giveaway winner – Karen M Lysol Disinfecting Wipes winners – Barbara M, Christine Jensen, denise John Lennon: Life Is What Happens winner – Karen M Thanks to all who entered the giveaways! Please consider subscribing to my feed so you don’t miss out on the latest posts, reviews and giveaways.

Band-Aid And Neosporin Holiday Giveaway

As my readers know, I just love to travel.  I even keep a suitcase packed ready to go.  Traveling by air has gotten complicated with all the scanning machines and pat downs.  I have my quart ziplock bag filled with legal stuff (maximum 3 ounces per container).  Somehow by the end of every trip I have chapped lips, cuts and bruises.  Just call me klutz.  That is when I really need my personal emergency kit – designed for my needs including some great products by Johnson and Johnson. They are  NEO TO GO Spray, Adult Mickey Band-Aids, and Neosporin Lip […]

This Week’s Winners

Here are the winners of this week’s giveaways. To select the winner of these giveaways I put the number of entries into the Random Sequence Generator on I matched the numbers that came out on top to the comment bearing the same number and made sure the comment was eligible. Caillou’s Fun Outside DVD winners #8 Brenda, #55 Rachel D, #84 Laura Breyers Smooth & Dreamy Ice Cream winners #4 Cassie, #56 Christine, #20 Marj M, #71 Julie Cutshaw Martha Speaks: Martha Goes To School DVD winners #14 LC, #59 Dana, #3 Lisa Carolina Pad products winner #20 Casey […]

Toy Story 3 And Mickey Band-Aids Put A Little Fun In First Aid – With Giveaway

This grandmotherly figure recently got to spend some one-on-one quality time with an adorable, charming, and smart five year old pre-school girl. We watched DVD’s and TV together, walked the Seaside boards, swam, played together and talked. I was absolutely awed by her manners and respect for rules. I was also awed by the joy that she got out of the simple things. Just goes to prove that money really can’t buy the important things in life. Summer loves anything Disney. She talks about the princesses and the characters all the time, but her favorite is Mickey Mouse. I laughed […]

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE – Johnson & Johnson Travel Essentials

GIFT IDEA – JOHNSON & JOHNSON TRAVEL ESSENTIAL PRODUCTS I started using Johnson and Johnson products before my daughter was even born. Over the years I have continued to use them. They are a truly fine line of products that work. There are so many items in their constantly expanding line that I don’t know which one is my favorite. Here are some great Johnson & Johnson products that make terrific stocking stuffers for the traveler and the parent on the go. Neosporin Lip Health – Neosporin recently launched 2 new LIP HEALTH products that are great to have on […]