Earth Day Partnership with Give Back Box

Back in antiquity meaning fifty years ago, my beautiful baby girl entered this world and together we moved into our first ( well both first and second mortgaged) home. No charity care or government assistance for us whatsoever, I went back to work when she was 24 days old. No money in the bank, some well used furniture, a semi-automatic mangle clothes washer, a clothes line, one old car, we got by on a tight budget paying all of our bills on time even her hospital one in full since we had no medical insurance back then. Coupons, clearance, and […]

Well, I Read It In The Papers

One of the biggest compliments given me ever is that  my English is precise.  To me that means I speak, read, and write well.  So just what is my problem with Kohls’s Black Friday advertisements? Frankenstorm Sandy hit the shore hard.  Its flood waters stopped  seven houses from my doorstep. Home supplies and repairs cut deeply into the budget when neither FEMA nor insurance covered any damage. Money is tight in a tough economy.   Still it’s Christmastime and the gift-giver in me wants to give back with perfect gifts for those I love who love me and  have given me so […]