Real Heroes Are Not Always Glamorous Star Performers and Athletes

How many times in life have you heard the question, “Who is your hero?”  Of course, your answer will depend on exactly what you consider one to be.

There are many different kinds of heroes–sportsmen, performers, leaders.  What separates the real hero from all the rest is something good that arises from within that is one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.  The real hero is an ideal-courageous, brave, and good.  He is admirable because to help others, he gives of himself.

Certainly Dr. Buchner was no glamorous star performer or athlete when I first met him in September, 1960.  Back then he was my psyc class instructor.   I took every class I could get with him. I don’t think I would have survived had not he intervened. Life brings many changes.  He helped me become the real me, who almost a half century later is still evolving though aging.   I wish I could thank him for  the profound impact he made on my life.

Paradoxical Lee was the best teacher EVER.  He knew about life, about words, about people.  Recently I found old class notes and some things he published.  He believed understanding can only help communication.  His counsel is timeless:

  • Overt words are desperate attempts to get veiled messages across.
  • Manifest words cannot accurately speak to the search for what is lost or no longer possible.
  • Listen to the inner meanings. Acknowledge true feelings.
  • Don’t argue and scold. Accept and verify the hidden messages of fear, anger, loss and shame.Leonard J. Buchner is my own personal hero.  Who’s yours?  Why?


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