Non-Profit Tax-Exempt 501C Our Hands Rescue Misspells Its Words

Because of my interest in the law, PR, advertising, charity status, and on-line appeals, I was especially drawn to Willy’s tale and posted a comment on Mom Knows It  I wanted to share it with my readers.  CAFRA (enforced by the FTC and state attorneys general since December, 2016) protects social media posts about consumer evaluations of company service, uploaded photos, videos, etc. It is unlawful to threaten any writer posting an honest review.

With this said, in order to put this tragic situation into proper perspective, much must be considered.
#1 Willy is under continued veterinary care as evidenced by vet treatment and billing.
#2 The U.S. Public Health Service requires that pet dogs and cats brought into this country be examined at the first port of entry for evidence of diseases that can be transmitted to humans.
#3 New York (port of entry) Health requirements prohibit importation without a health certificate.
#4 ESMA facebook page indicates statements that do not seem to correspond with Our Hand’s response to blogger’s experience.
#5 Our Hands Rescue represents itself as a 501c organization, New Hope partner, and member of the Mayor’s Alliasnce for NYC’s Animals (note misspell).

Now for allegations:
#1 Jennifer of Our Hands Rescue represents that the organization does not guarantee the health of any animal. She claims “Mom” is hard to work with. She alleges that “Mom” allows the cat to suffer. She terms “Mom” blogs are full of dramatic images and updates.

This reader does not agree with Jennifer’s perspective. Mom continues to care for Willie and is not again abandoning him. Why was all the required paperwork initially not supplied? Vaccination proof is insufficient.

#2 Jennifer hints that Mom blogs are deformation (another misspell) of rescue. Her response says the cat is needlessly suffering through no fault of Our Hands Rescue. How ironic is her representation that she hopes he gets the care he needs!

This reader does not agree with Jennifer’s perspective either. Rules are rules and backtracking the paper trail indicates that Our Hands Rescue figuratively dropped the ball. Whose fault is that? Certainly not Mom’s. She believed in OHR’s representations. She took him to her vet then….

Mom has continued to care for the cat rather than again abandoning him to an organization who neglected to supply her with full screening and records. I can only wonder why–IF these things are properly maintained and available as required by law.

My opinion only:

Our Hands Rescue substantiates too little. ESMA Facebook page indicates statements that do not seem to correspond with Our Hands Rescue response to Mom. Many dates given to Mom conflict with facts presented to her by OHR. I would be interested in an exact accounting of the allocation of the $300 donation it collects per animal to see exactly how much goes to the medical and testing represented as well as to administration and salaries.  Public taxpayers have the right to know this since 501c’s involve their dollars.

I believe Mom has done the right thing. Now it is time For OHR, Jennifer, et al to man up and apologize to Mom.  Help Willie instead of trying to rip him out of Mom and Mom’s family’s loving, caring hands.

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