GoGoSqueeZ–Applause For This Applesauce

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May, 1952 was the worst of times for a little girl. Stuck home in bed quarantined by chicken pox, lonely for my beloved gentle cat outside playing with the rabbits, I was left alone to amuse myself. Visitors were verboten. How boring!

Electric gaming still hadn’t been invented. The only TV a bulky 16″ table model was downstairs in the living room for night viewing. What to do? Since I was an avaricious reader and always kept library books around for bedtime reading, what to do? READ of course. So I open up Mark Twain.

Now Tom Sawyer was a fun kid even if he was quite a handful. He snuck into a graveyard at night, ran away to enjoy freedom, snuck back home to see whats happening, even hid at his own funeral where there was applause at his eulogy.

Problem is at ten, applause to me read as applesauce. Hm…. I read that section again and again. It just did not make sense. Why was applesauce in the middle of Tom Sawyer’s wake? I’d been to several funerals in my short lifetime and flowers, mass cards were typical but certainly not applesauce.

Still the mention of applesauce made me hungry so I trudged downstairs to the kitchen–no homemade applesauce in the refrigerator; no jars of applesauce in the cabinets. Too bad GoGoSqueeZ wasn’t around in the U. S. back then. Since my mother didn’t keep snacks in her cupboard, I would certainly have had applause for this applesauce I experienced first time at the Disney Social Media Moms’ 2017 Land and Sea Celebration.

GoGoSqueeZ is the original applesauce pouch. It is natural, contains no artificial flavors or preservatives, free of common gluten, dairy, and nut allergens, and kosher certified. Because GoGoSqueeZ is sweet, healthy, and not messy, it’s certainly Win, Win, Win! Gotta love its on-the-go pouch–resealable, eco-friendly, with BPA and phthalate free packaging. It is a must have for travelers young and old alike. The TSA allows its 3.2 ounce size in airport travel.

Into more than just applesauce, GoGoSqueeZ also makes fruit, veggie, yogurt and available pouches in a wide variety of flavors. Available at Target, Walmart, Costco, Whole Foods, Kings, Fred Meyer, Hannaford, Giant, Harris Teeter, Giant Eagle, Shaws, Jewel-Osco, and other retailers across the US, try it. I am sure you will like it. I did.

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