For God and Country, a Creations by You Photostory

Creations by You PhotoStory is a digital photo book making product. Its online tools (paintable backgrounds, stickers, even free-hand drawing tools) to help create  the finished literary work.  The
budding author gets to supply the words on the pages of this one of a kind hardcover.

As a keepsake, I consider it perhaps the best available on the market. Pricing begins at $21.95 and, in my opinion, is worth every penny and more.  Photostory is not just for kids and teens.


A while ago I featured it on a Holiday Gift Guide and committed myself towriting “For God and Country”.  It is about my son’s time in the navy.  I think it is as good if not better than professionally printed yearbooks because it is personal to me and its pictures tell the real story.

Creations by You is a creative, educational toy manufacturer based in Englewood, Colorado and has been providing fun, educational activities for children since 1992. Other Creations by You products include:
IlluStory, My Masterpiece, My Calendar, Plate Works, Kid Clock, My Watch, My Mug, Pet Story and more. Additional product information can be found at

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