DVD REVIEW: Find a Way

Find a Way

Release Date:  AIGIST 11. 2015
Studio: Word
Genre: Drama
Rating: Not Rated
Run Time: 89 minutes
Discs: 1
SMRP: $14.99

As I See It:
Although this story centers on fictionalized football hero Billy “Smiley” Cain, it is not about football. Rather it is the story of how the death of someone good makes those around him doubt God and their faith in Him. Smiley’s death is life changing for his family, his teachers, his schoolmates. It puts their materialism, self-absorption, and ambition into perspective, and in doing so, find a better way.

Short Version:
Find a way is a faith based movie. Based on actual events in the life of Burlington, North Carolina high school senior Harry Cohen and how his life inspired others.

Cornelius Muller Productions, LLC:
Finding faith can be difficult for many people on any given day. Imagine an ordinary Sunday morning. It’s time to get ready for church and you go to wake your talented, loving, bright, beautiful son. Only he won’t wake up, ever again. What happens to faith then?

My Opinion Only:
Script, its message, the final edit, and acting not budget are the things I consider in judging a movie. The premise of Find a Way is plausible, its subject opens audiences to an awareness of human frailty. acting is solid but the writing is somewhat drawn and preachy. Better to show something dynamically than just to talk about it. Subplots could have been  better drawn.

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