DVD Review – Pound Puppies: A Rare Pair

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Pound Puppies: A Rare Pair

Pound Puppies: A Rare Pair

Release Date: January 19, 2016
Studio: Shout Kids
Genre: Animated comedy
Rating: TVY
Run Time: 110 minutes
Discs: 1
SMRP: $12.99
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PR Synopsis:
It’s Raining Cats And Dogs – And An Alligator – At Shelter 17! Lucky, Niblet, Cookie, Squirt and Strudel are back for five more exciting adventures of the Pound Puppies! From trying to get a kitten and a puppy adopted into the same home, to trying to place an alligator named Rover(!), to sneaking into the Kennel Kittens’ compound to retrieve a stolen gadget, this team of determined canines will do whatever it takes to find the perfect loved ones for each and every pet at Shelter 17!

Brief Episode Summaries:
Catcalls–Pup Wagster vies against kitten Mittens for adoption.
The Really Weird Dog–Lucky helps alligator Rover find a home.
Call Of The Squirreldog–Mr. Nut Nut adjusts to the dogs’ lives in Shelter 17.
Kennel Kittens Return–Squirt goes undercover as kitten TwinkleBelle to retrieve Strudel’s stolen invention.
Once A Ralph, Always A Ralph–Lucky tests if Ralph is loyal.

This Critic’s Opinion:
I have been reviewing this popular series for four years (see 3/22, 5/20, and 12/12/2014 as well as 2/16 and 7/13 past reviews). I  can’t count how many lovable huggable plush dogs were on Santa’s wish lists from 1984 on.  Their popularity was the inspiration for the special, movie, and tv series which followed.

Two of my own four children as well as all of my grandchildren except now adult first grandson have always been big Pound Puppies fans.  Wish the original Hub series had not ended in 2013. Lucky for today’s kids is that DVD releases are available for kids 4+ to enjoy and learn from. I like the new Pound Puppies: A Rare Pair release because it builds its stories on friendship and compassion NOT violence–what the world around us really need.

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