The Perfect Summer DVD Review

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The Perfect Summer

Too often I find myself thinking, “They don’t make movies the way they used to any more.” Too many big budget blockbusters, epics, spectaculars depend on violence, profanity, and special effects instead of good acting and solid scripting. Viewers need more family films.

Hubby and I both have had complicated summer without much time to relax. Last night we decided we needed time for ourselves so we would indulge ourselves and go to the movies I wanted a musical; he nixed jersey Boys. He wanted a comedy; I opted out citing differences in our sense of humor. Something had to give so an at home feature it would be–a coming of age adventure for him.

I put a pizza in the oven, ferreted out the candy stash from hiding, iced some soda, made a couple of bags of popcorn, and handed him DVD’s for our home theater system. We had all the comforts of home, none of the expenses of the movie theater, AND a pause button.

First show: UP Uplifting Entertainment’s Family Approved original movie The Perfect Summer.

Brief Summary :
The death of Jake’s (Adam Horner) father forces him and his mother Alyssa (Sydney Penny) to uproot themselves from Chicago to North Carolina, and a different way of life. Estranged grandfather and surfing legend Lou (Eric Roberts) mentors him to surf, face his fears and inhibitions, deal with peer issues, and find love, respect, and himself along the way.

My Thoughts:
I enjoy water locations so its sun, waves, beach and sea life hooked me immediately. However, setting the action in Wilmington, Carolina Beach, and Fort Fisher surprised me. I think of surfing mostly for the Pacific, in places like Australia, Hawaii, and California. The Perfect Summer’s soundtrack background featuring America Idol Jason Castro’s Only a Mountain fits The Perfect Summer’s coming of age theme.

Here’s the trailer.

You can learn more about the movie on The Perfect Summer website. You can also find Word Films on Facebook and Twitter.

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