Wordless Wednesday – Simple Rural Agricultural Way of Life


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    1. On our drive out to Ohio we stopped in Pennsylvania Dutch country to eat and take some pics. It was on the way–we took a long indirect route with misturns–to the Shady Maple in East Earl. Funny thing is a week later hubby and I found ourselves in the same Lancaster-Lilitz-Hershey general area again.

  1. No photos but I sure love yours! This is the life I lived as a child, winding gravel roads and manure. I loved it!
    Hope your trip was fun…are you still on the road?

    1. Hope things are going well and the Easter season worked for you. Ohio following Pennsylvania Dutch country was great. I love to travel, take pictures, and see things. Middle son inherited my wanderlust. Packing for a cruise with hubby and his volunteer friends (c. 50). Internet and phone time is expensive onboard so plans are an ipad and checking in every couple of days to hold down expenses. I’ll do my writing the way I started with pen and paper then transfer it when I bet back to land. I am actually excited. This is the first time in all our time together that we are doing things without family or in the name of God and Country. It should be fun.

    1. Their simple way of life is not for everyone–no electric, phone, car, insurance social security and plain people clothes. I admire their sense of community and cooperation.

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