Travel Can Teach

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Travel is an education, and it always brings something to learn. Four years ago hubby and I took our oldest grandchild then 13 on a 3,000+ mile cross country drive from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Our mostly historic Route 66 junket was filled with curiosities, realities, vistas, and dreams come true. Seeing geography and history alive gaver us all new understandings.

Roswell’s UFO and alien rumors, Gallup’s Indian beads and nearby Indian reservations, Disneyland, the Palisades paled to harsh Mexican border’s armed patrols, barbed wire, and freeway rolling road blocks set up to capture illegals and deport. Immigration lawyers in Los Angeles thrive because studies show that perhaps one in every ten Mexicans in this country are that.

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  1. Travel can teach a lot of life experiences for everyone involved. And if everyone who lived in this country did everything the right way, we wouldn’t be having people to enforce it, would we?

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