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I will not tell how and what long-kept secrets unfold as I hate plot spoilers.  However,  an old friend Daniel Fisher (Cameron Deane Stewart) secretly watches and intervenes so things are put right. Katie remains to care for her dying mother and inherits her mother’s foundation.  Then one day Katie passes Daniel her one true love who she believes died.  She doesn’t see or hear him promising to marry her but  to let her go for now.

The Confession is open ended so  I bet Director  Michael Landon, Jr. makes it a prequel to The Reckoning. Twenty years Katie lived as one of the plain people in Hickory Hollow.   What now?    What does her new life and wealth bring?  Surrounded by the drama of duplicity, deception, and deception, what will her life bring?

The Confession’s only lack in momentum is suspense.  It is a clean movie, predictable, effectively scripted, and well cast without violence and vulgarities.  Audiences need more selfless, forgiving heroes with a positive sense of identity.

June 11, 2013 is the release date of  The Confession.  Available in many retailers nationwide as well as online, its SMRP is $22.99.  Its running time is 88 minutes.

The Confession is also on Facebook.

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