Otter and Odder, A Love Story Children’s Book Review

Otter And Odder

Otter and Odder, A Love Story

  • Author: James Howe
  • Illustrator: Chris Raschika
  • Reading level: Middle Grade
  • Hardcover: 36 pages
  • Publisher: Candlewick Press (2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN:978-0-7636-41740
  • SRP: $14.00

If only life were as simple as “happily ever after”. Too often others interfere and their hurtful talk brings obstacles.

Otter Otter meets fish Myrtle the Gurgle. The pair fall in love and were happy sharing things together until the creatures in his world begin talking. They have decided he has lost his mind because it isn’t right, natural, or the way of an otter. So he asks Myrtle about right vs wrong. Myrtle decides because he eats her family and friends that they must part.

Otter is lonely without her so he visits Beaver. Beaver tells him there is the way of the otter and the way of the heart. Otter decides to eat bark, apples, water lilies, and plankton instead of fish. He and Myrtle get back together. Of course, the talk begins again, but the two don’t listen. Instead they live happily ever after.

My thoughts:
What a child appropriate way to introduce the topic of society’s expectations AKA prejudice! This upbeat tale of wisdom and hope is a perfect learning tool. The simple, full color, bright, contemporary stylized artwork of Otter And Odder draws the reader below the surface into a water world that parallels he world of humans.

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