Dreamworks Lincoln Blu-ray Review

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lincoln bluray

Lincoln is a weighty documentary which fits into American History studies curriculums. It is a scholarly feature that focuses on Abraham Lincoln’s final four months in office but excludes his assassination and his assassin’s name. The plot centers on his efforts to have the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution previously passed by the Senate, being passed by the House of Representatives. He is truly a conflicted man forced to make choices and compromise.

The movie is based on Goodwin’s biography Team of Rivals. Tony Kushner assembles it into a brilliant script focusing on the president’s attempt to abolish slavery in the midst of civil war.
Although the film contains a few minor historical errors, the story is fact not fiction built from the letters of Lincoln’s cabinet.

Lincoln is an a journey back in time. Its cinematography filmed on location in Virginia captures deep black levels, muted colors, and illumination reminiscent of candles without losing sharp picture quality. Its subdued score does not detract attention away from props, sets, makeup, and costumes, accurate and appropriate for 1864.

Casting is solid. If you have ever seen Mount Rushmore or The Lincoln Memorial, you realize that America’s sixteenth president Abraham Lincoln was bigger than life. If you are familiar with U. S. history, you know he is one of its greatest leaders ever, and Lewis’s profoundly portrays this. On screen the Rick Carter-Jim Erickson Production Design team succeed in transforming the actor Lewis into the great man whose emotional strength, political skills, and efforts left the world a better place in spite of moral and political challenges.

Steven Spielberg excels at making movies. Audiences flocked to Jaws, E. T., Gremlins, Indiana Jones, and Jurassic Park, his fictional action movies. They also flocked to his historical dramas Saving Private Ryan, Schindler’s List, and War Horse. So it is no surprise to critics and viewers that this producer-director’s released another epic garnering twelve 2012 Oscar nominations.

Raves to best supporting actor nominee Tommy Lee Jones for his role of surly but honorable radical abolitionist Thaddeus Stevens. Raves to best supporting actress nominee Sally Fields for her role of difficult and stressed first lady Marry Todd Lincoln. Accolades for well-deserved Academy Award wins to Daniel Day-Lewis, Rick Carter, and Jim Erickson.

Steven Spielberg’s feature Lincoln (running time 10 minutes) is a masterpiece. After viewing it, I admit a lot of questions came to mind. My 4-disc combo pack answered many of them.

Disc 1–Blu-ray Feature Film + Bonus includes The Journey to Lincoln; A Historical Tapestry: Richmond, Virginia.

Disc 2–Blu-ray Additional Bonus includes In the Company of Character; Crafting the Past; Living with Lincoln; In Lincoln’s Footsteps.

Disc 3–DVD Film + Bonus includes The Journey to Lincoln.

Released March 26, 2013, PG-13 rated Lincoln is available online and in retailers nationwide. Its SMRP is $45.99

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